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5 Things you should know before going to a Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari

A jungle safari is one of the most adventurous experiences that you can have on this planet. When you are doing a safari, you get to see the real face of the mother earth. You get far from all the man-made objects and feel the brute force of nature in trees, hills, water bodies, and animals. It is a completely different experience from seeing animals in the zoo, in their natural habitat, you get to observe the true behavior of animals. You see how they feed, breed, take care of their young ones, and live in herds.

Seeing the animals in a jungle is an ethereal experience that everyone should take at least in their lives. And to do that, you have to choose a location where you can see nature closely. In India, there are many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that you can visit and there are some places that are lesser-known but they offer something that even the most popular destinations don’t. We are going to talk about one such place that has surprised many people with its sheer brilliance. This place is a living example of the co-existence of humans and wildlife, and it leaves you stunned every time you see it.

Jawai is a small region in Rajasthan that shows how leopards and human beings can co-exist in harmony. At this place, you get to see some wonderful things that no other national park or wildlife sanctuary offers. Jawai is mainly known for leopards that dwell in the granite hills here. In most of the forests, you see these big cats perched on trees and they practically spend all their time on the robust branches unless they have to come down to hunt. But here, you see leopards emerging from the rocky caves and they are found on some high cliff of the hills.

That is one of the reasons why leopard sighting is very easy and quick in Jawai like you do in the other places, you don’t have to roam for hours to get a glimpse of the big cats here. Jawai gives you a unique experience of visiting wildlife because of its geographical attributes. It does not have dense forests but a large part of the area is covered by granite hills where leopards take shelter. There is a small forest area where you get to other animals as well. Besides leopards, Jawai is also home to multiple species of migratory birds, crocodiles, striped hyenas, wolves, foxes, jungle cats, nilgai, and some distinct variety of insects, and other reptiles.

Now, let’s focus on the rudimentary point of this article, here are the 5 things you should know before going to a jungle safari:

Animals don’t attack humans– That is the first thing you should keep in mind before going to any jungle safari and it would actually make your tour very safe and exciting. The wild animals that live in forests hunt and get their food on a timely basis. They prey on all the animals that they can but not humans because they don’t see us as food. Unless they are hungry and get too close to them, there is absolutely no chance that a big cat or any other predator will attack you. The big cats hunt deers and bovines mostly, leopards also hunt dogs if they are hungry. There have been several incidences of big cats attacking humans but these unfortunate incidents take place when the latter infiltrate the area of the former. So if you are planning a wildlife tour, rest assured that the big cats will not attack you even if your jeep approaches them closely.

Be ready for a bumpy trek– Most of the national parks and sanctuaries in India consist of a motley of terrain and you will most probably have to ride through rocky tracts. Those who have a backache or some issues with the spine should be well prepared to tolerate the jerks. However, there are a few wildlife destinations where you have a wide expanse of plains instead of bumpy tracts. Jawai is one such where you don’t you can certainly ride through granite hills and trek is smooth. When you visit a place like this, you don’t have to be worried about anything. But if you are visiting Ranthambore or Corbett National Park, you can certainly expect undulation in the trek. This could be an issue for some people but for a lot of others, it is an adventure. Therefore, you can your next wildlife safari destination after knowing the geographical disposition of that place.

Keep yourself hydrated– This is one important point that you must keep in mind when visiting wildlife. Inside the jungles you don’t find manmade facilities for drinking water, you can find natural fountains but alighting from the jeep is definitely not a good idea. Thus, you must keep a water bottle with you and if you are doing it in the summer, it is recommended that you mix some glucose in the water. That’s because the scorching sun can suck the energy out of your body in no time and the experience of jungle safari could be ruined totally. At the same time, please make sure that you don’t overhydrate as well because along with water, you won’t also find public toilets inside the jungle. In some parks, they do have such facilities in the clearing area, but don’t get completely dependent on the chances of finding it.

Wear according to the weather– The forests expose you to the harshest weather which means you will feel the extreme of any season you visit. If you are visiting in summer, you should stick to light-colored cotton shirts and shorts, and if you carrying some accessories, make sure they are light-weighted too. On the other hand, when you are visiting wildlife in the winter season, you should be properly winter-clad with body warmers, jackets, beanies, and gloves. No matter which season, you should good-quality sports shoes is made to stand rough treks. If you are carrying extra clothes, make sure they are not very heavy and it is better if you have everything in a single backpack. At the time of exploring the wild, one should avoid carrying plenty of things besides the essentials. Pack things that can be carried easily on shoulders without having you to hold them with hands.

Choose the destination wisely– Last but not least, you should choose your destination wisely after considering everything. You would definitely check the distance so you could reach the place early without wasting a lot of time. A few other things that you should pay heed to is the right time to visit because, in most of the wildlife areas, there is a particular time when the animals are more noticeable to the visitors. Most of the national parks and sanctuaries recommend people to visit in the winter season because, in that season, most of the animals (especially tigers) come out in sun to bask. Moreover, it is actually easier to bear cold instead of heat in a jungle. And there are some places that give chances to see wildlife perennially and Jawai is one of them. No matter which season or month it is, you can always see leopards and other animals here.

Before you plan your next adventurous jungle safari, keep these things in mind. There are popular destinations for visiting wildlife in different parts of this country and you don’t need to move far from your city to see the wilderness. However, you might want to explore a distinct land once in a while and that’s when you come to a place like Jawai. This place is different from the rest of the national parks and sanctuaries in India. It is the only place and in India and one of the few places in the world where you see leopards living in a different habitat. Just make sure that you are choosing the right jungle resort for safari and stay. In the last few years, Jawai has started to gain popularity which has resulted in the rising number of resorts in this place. Before choosing any of them, you have to sure about the services they provide including food, security, and overall hospitality. When you are satisfied with everything, then only you should book a tour with your family or friends.

Upshot Tour Nature Resort is one such resort property that you can trust for getting a thrilling safari ride, luxurious stay, jungle safari, organic food, secure premises, and plenty of other activities at a very reasonable price. We amaze our guests with the beauty of Jawai and our services, we have a motto of making this place one of the most sought-after wildlife destinations in India. When we serve our customers, we ensure they are beyond satisfied with every segment of our service. We don’t leave a stone unturned in making your tour memorable and give you a chance to feel the wildlife inside you.


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