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Know How Monsoon is a Good Time to Visit India



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Ask anyone who travels about the best time to visit India and they will say winters – from October to February. Definitely, India looks beautiful during winter season will cod temperatures and pleasant weather all around the country.

But, have you thought it the other way? It is also the time when the travel destinations are crowded with tourists, the hotels prices are at surge and if you are backpacking on a budget, it turns out impossible to afford the high prices as the cheap guest houses and hotels lack proper space due to advance bookings.

No, we don’t want you to cancel your plan reading this; rather we have a better option to make your visit to India unforgettable. Experience monsoon in India! This piece is all about how monsoon is a good time to visit India. Forget all the negative statements you have heard that made you say a big NO to Indian monsoon earlier and read on.

The Indian monsoon is splendid – See the Brighter Side!

No false expectations friend and definitely not a threat, but it rains a lot! India doesn’t experience a short drizzle for a couple of minutes in America and Southeast Asia.

Here it can rains for hours to days, especially in tropical areas. But, but, but….India is a vast country with areas of different climate zones and as such monsoon also develops distinctively in various parts of the country. You can choose a place that has favorable conditions for a visit in monsoon.

During rainy season in India, the streets in the cities get flooded easily due to lack of proper drainage system. So, we would suggest you to move towards the less urbanized yet beautiful areas of the country.

There can be a few days unpleasant due to heavy downpour but it is the time when nature comes alive – lush verdant landscapes, majestic waterfalls, and happy news for the farmers!

Backpackers can also get some sigh of relief by planning a trip to India during monsoons as hotels offer discounted rates. Some even reduce their prices to half in the off season (monsoon) which makes it a perfect time to travel for budget travelers and large groups.

Places to visit during monsoons in India


Kerala is among the most beautiful states of India and is at its best during monsoons. The clam backwaters, quality resorts and relaxing Ayurvedic saps and treatments will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. The scenic state comes to life during rainy seasons – all greenery around, magnificent lakes reflecting peace and lovely houseboats to allure the sights sailing on the backwaters. It is the best time to visit south India for a reason!


If you are a pluviophile (rain makes you happy), we bet you will have a great time in Meghalaya, the north-eastern state of India experiencing high amount of rainfall. The state is home to Cherrapunji, the place experiencing the highest amount of rainfall.

It is a lovely sight to capture! Thankfully, rains in Meghalaya do not turn into floods as it gets easily washed away down the hills. You will be mesmerized by the lush greenery of the region. Visit some of the most popular natural attractions like the Living Root Bridges.


No doubt, Goa is one of the most famous travel destinations in India and offers a wide range of facilities for travelers. However, Goa doesn’t see many tourists during monsoons as not everyone loves a stroll by a beach during torrential rainfall.

Why are we suggesting you a trip during this kind of weather? Well, Goa is not all about beaches. It is also home to wildlife sanctuaries, vintage heritage sights, river cruises, waterfalls and hiking trails. You can plan a hike to the Dudhsagar waterfall during this season.

Moreover, the hotels and resorts will be available at a very cheap price. We are talking about the high-standard hotels and resorts!

Not just these, there many other places where you can experience the best of Indian monsoons such as the hill stations like Khandala, Mahabaleshwar, etc. in Maharashtra, Munnar, Wayanad, Alleppey in Kerala, Ooty in Tamil Nadu and some more.

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