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Know-How to Backup Verizon Email Messages on Mac Hard Drive

How to backup verizon email messages to Mac

This article delivers the solution on how to backup Verizon email messages on Mac Hard drive. There are various techniques discussed to save email data securely on the Mac system.

Verizon Overview

Verizon emails are mostly popular among the American regions. The Verizon stopped the email service as it purchased the AOL webmail services. Afterward, all the users were asked to use AOL mail using the Verizon account. The AOL mail service provided the same experience as in Verizon and a better more regarding the Verizon mail.

As you know, AOL Mail for Mac OS was introduced at the start of 2001. The Mac users switched to the AOL mail for Mac to use the Verizon account. Data online is always a threat. There may be any sort of data breach and all your important data on the cloud is lost. So the best solution is to keep a copy of data online and offline.

If you want Verizon emails on Mac OS X, download your data on Mac system to access it in offline mode. You can use Mac mail to perform this task easily. I guess there is no need to tell you about Mac Mail. In case of saving Verizon messages on Mac, there are multiple solutions, like configuring Verizon to Outlook for Mac, Apple Mail, or directly saving Verizon emails on Mac hard drive. Let us move down to study the methods in detail.

How to Backup Verizon Email Messages on Mac System?

As discussed above, there are various techniques to download AOL mail for Mac OS X hard drive. In this article, we will be learning the easy solutions to backup Verizon messages on computer hard drives. At first, we go with a direct and safe solution. This method is very easy to perform. You can find deep about the process in the section below.

Directly Backup Verizon emails on Mac Computer

The Mac AOL Backup Tool is one eminent application that offers the facility to download and save Verizon emails on Mac. The facility offers multiple functions for efficient and easy backup of Verizon email messages on the Mac system drive. In addition, the function of an incremental backup is an added advantage. This helps with enhanced Verizon mail backup on Mac.

Steps to Backup Verizon Messages on Mac

  • Download and Install Mac AOL Backup Tool.
  • Login with Verizon account credentials.
  • Select Backup file format: EML/EMLX/MBOX/MSG/PST.
  • Browse a location on Mac to backup Verizon messages.
  • Click on Start Backup to begin the process.

This will download all your Verizon emails directly to the desired location on Mac OS X. The application works fine on Mac OS X 10.8 and all above versions. Some additional features included are email filtering, selective mail folder data download, local archiving of Verizon emails, etc. Try the process to ease your effort of saving Verizon emails locally on the Mac system drive.

Access Verizon Emails in Mac Mail

If you need to use your Verizon emails offline then, the best solution is Mac mail. You can configure the Verizon Mail to Apple mail and then use it wisely.

Steps to Configure Verizon Mail to Mac Mail

  1. Access Mac mail, click on Main Menu, and select Preferences option.
  2. Move to the Accounts tab and click the ‘+’ option.
  3. Provide name and Verizon account credential.
  4. Enter Account type and Verizon mail credentials.
  5. Enter Incoming server details: imap.verizon.net.
  6. Provide Outgoing server details: smtp.verizon.net.
  7. Click Create option to add Verizon mail to Mac Mail.
  8. Choose the Verizon mailbox. Select the Mailbox option and click on the Export mailbox.
  9. Browse the destination to save the file.

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This will save Verizon emails on Mac in MBOX format. Drag and drop individual emails to backup them in EMLX format. This email can now be accessed in multiple offline email clients.


In this article, we have discussed how to backup Verizon email messages on Mac hard drive. Various techniques are described for efficient download of Verizon messages. Also, we have given the direct method to save Verizon mail on hard drives.


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