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The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has locked most of us. Although it is tough for us to restrict ourselves to get acquainted with the new normal’s, it hurts the most when there is a special occasion awaited for years but it can’t be celebrated the way we planned and expected.

It is not even possible to see and meet our loved ones as we are bounded by the norms of social distancing these days. But we understand the following these rules are only meant for our good.

So, we need to respect and obey the rules of social distancing but also need to find the perfect substitutes for our celebrations and conveying wishes to loved ones during these days.

As we know that gifting is a significant part of the special days we can’t ignore this fact, we have become more creative and thoughtful to express our wishes in digital ways.

While the whole nation is welcoming a digital generation, why can’t the procedure of gifting be left behind? Even though you are not able to party hard on your best friend’s birthday, or hug your sister to wish her on her anniversary, you can still show your love through some of these amazing E Gifts!

Best Gifting Ideas

Giving an important person a chance gift to either congratulate them or inspire them is an incredible idea. It could be on some events like examinations, work interviews, games competitions, or even home warming festivity. If you have some actions forthcoming and are out of gift thoughts after that here’s a list of offerings you could believe.

Most of us enclose heard about the populace trying or having Hamsa iniquity eye symbols for the chance. It is supposed that the emotional state is kept away from someone who dresses in this hamsa hand symbol. Also, the evil eye is supposed to discourage the entire evil look that encloses an eye on the person.

You can present it to someone in the form of a necklace. It takes its owner pleasure, luck, fitness, and a good chance. This chance charm will develop the person’s self-confidence, and they will positively do well in their approaching competitions.


The best and effective mode of gifting these days is through e-vouchers. It is suitable for every occasion and every relation such as a wedding, birthdays, anniversary, engagement parties, and many more. Elders who wish to give a token of blessings to their young ones can easily send e-voucher even when they can’t meet them in person. 

E Gifting

The gifts can be anything- starting from chocolates, flowers to home and electronic appliances which can be sent through online platforms. If you want to wish your dearest family members on the occasion of Diwali, you can simply go to one of the e-gifting websites and order a gift combo such as flowers, diyas, sweets, and greeting cards to send to the address of the recipients.

One of the best gifting retailers is MyFlowerApp.Com which delivers the best quality flowers, cakes, and gifts on time to any address mentioned. 

Online Subscriptions to entertainment

These days gadgets are inseparable parts of life. For children or adults, phones and apps are like their buddies. If you want to send a gift to your sister on this Rakhi, or want to wish your grandparents on this Independence Day, then simply buy an annual subscription of some popular online entertainment package such as Netflix, Hotstar, Prime, and Voot. It’s one of the best gifts during the lockdown days. 

Online Subscription to knowledge

These days the internet provides us almost everything. In fact, people are working on it to earn and students are learning through online schools.

So, if you are wondering what to give to a young one of your home on his or her birthday then an online subscription to a well known educational platform can be the most thoughtful gift. 

E caricature

A funny way to wish your friend on this Friendship day or your younger sister on sister’s day is through a caricature. A miniature model with a suitable character is the caricature which can make anyone feel special as well as make them smile. 

Personalized calendar and newspaper

How would you feel if your face is on a popular magazine or newspaper cover? Awesome right? So, make this dream come true for someone close by sending them with a personalized magazine, newspaper, or calendar.


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