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MBBS In Russia – The Gateway To Success

MBBS in Russia

It is a dream of every aspirant in India to pursue MBBS as it is one of the cherished professions for parents since times immemorial. But, the competition is indeed fierce, for securing admission to MBBS in India. To give you a fair idea, the ratio of seats to the no of candidates is about 1: 500, for securing admission to public medical universities. So, the majority of students have no option, but to study MBBS abroad. Now, the question is why MBBS in Russia ?. 

MBBS in Russia

In this article, you will come to know the main reasons why Indian students love studying MBBS in Russia. You will also get the information, as to why an MBBS in Russia can lead to a bright future for you.

Check the below points and then you will know the reasons for the popularity of Russia among Indian students. Let’s proceed to see what are the main reasons that are as follows. 

Accredited degrees by MCI and WHO

The first major benefit of pursuing MBBS in Russia is that degrees awarded by universities there are accredited by the Medical Council of India and the World Health Organization. Be rest assured that you will able to practice anywhere in the world, with your degree including India. This is a great thing for the students and they do not need to worry about all these as well. 

The Complete Medium Of Instruction In English

This is another big factor that draws especially Indian students to Russia. Nearly all of the MBBS courses including theory and practical in virtually every Medical college in Russia are taught in English. So, this is a very attractive proposition, for students from India, since it saves them a considerable amount of money and time, in learning a new language. Also, as a part of the MBBS curriculum, you will have to do on the job training in all the top Russian hospitals. 

Very Reasonable Studying Costs

The third reason, why so many students from India apply to Medical college in Russia, is that the cost of studying in Russia is very affordable, as compared to the more popular destinations like USA, UK, and Canada. To give you an example, the cost of studying MBBS at Harvard University in the USA is around 30 lakhs per year. As against this, the MBBS in Russia fees for the majority of top universities is 4000 USD per year, which is equal to 3lakhs per year, without any major difference in standards.

The Very Optimum Student To Teacher Ratio

Apart from the optimum  MBBS in Russia fees, there is one more factor, which entices Indian students to study MBBS in Russia, is the very optimum student to teacher ratio. Usually, there are around 12 to 15 students per teacher, thus ensuring a very favorable atmosphere and personal attention being given to every student.

Provision Of Hostels For All International Students

All international students can apply for a hostel facility, which is very convenient, especially, if you are coming from hot countries like India and are facing difficulties in the cold weather of Russia. You do not need to pay a large part of the money that generally people do if they apply for other colleges in other countries. 

We do hope that all these points are valid for the aspirants if they going to take admission to the medical colleges of Russia. You need to consider these things once if intend to pursue MBBS in Russia. So, make your career in the medical field by taking admission in the best colleges in Russia and serve the people.


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