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Medical Negligence or Malpractice | What are its types and causes?

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Due to the increase in the type of injuries and viruses, the doctors are under burden in most of the hospitals. This burden sometimes can also lead to negligence and mistakes. In this, due to overload, doctors, nurses, surgeon, and care staff can make a mistake. It doesn’t matter how much professional you are; mistake or negligence can occur anywhere.

What is medical negligence?

Medical negligence is a term that refers to substandard care proved by a doctor, nurse, or medical staffs to a patient, which have directly caused injury to patient or condition, become worse. Medical negligence can occur at any phase of treatment, such as misdiagnosis, surgical mistake, or incorrect treatment.
According to a report in the period from 2008 to 2013, there were 80% increase in medical negligence recorded. Only in one the year 2012 to 2013, the survey shows that there was 20 increase across this timescale.

Causes of medical negligence

There are various causes of medical negligence. This can occur at any stage of treatment so that causes might differ in every case. Medical negligence can occur due to operating on the wrong extremity. Leaving a piece of equipment inside the body after surgery is a common mistake. If a doctor fails to diagnose the illness. These all are common negligence. This type of negligence occurs due to the lack of staff, inappropriate training, and burden on the doctor. However, in some cases, unprofessionalism can also lead to medical negligence.

Types of medical negligence that can claim

There are many types of a medical negligence claim. Every type of medical injury is different from another and has a different severity level. In most of the cases, medical injuries recover within months. While severe medical injuries need years of treatment to recover fully. In worse cases, the patient can also lead to death.

Some example of injuries and health issues that can occur due to medical negligence are:

  • Brain damage – due to medical malpractice, mild to severe brain damage can occur. This brain damage usually occurs due to the wrong surgical procedure, or due to administering wrong drugs.
  • Misdiagnosed cancer – When a patient is suffering from pain, and the doctor doesn’t diagnose the root cause correctly. Late diagnose of cancer can also lead to death.
  • General misdiagnosis – In this scenario, the doctor diagnoses the illness wrongfully. This condition might further cause new injuries and health issues.
  • Care negligence – After the correct treatment, wrong care or carelessness by staff can lead to severe infection
  • Cosmetic procedure errors – Many injuries and infections can occur due to wrongfully performed cosmetic surgeries. This can lead to permanent scarring and other bacterial infections.
  • Anesthesia mistake – Incorrectly administered anesthesia can also cause infections and problems during a surgical procedure.
  • Childbirth injuries – During childbirth, injuries can occur to both mother and child. This injury occurs due to wrongful procedure, wrong drugs, and medications.

Neck and spine injuries – Medical malpractice can cause mild to severe neck injuries. This can also make patient paralyze for short-term to permanent.

What to after negligence?

If you observe infections, then you should see an expert doctor assess the extent of damage you have suffered due to negligence and malpractice. It’s important to have an expert’s opinion mentioned in the claim. This will make you claim strong. You can also attach medical reports before and after the malpractice.

Compensation guide

You can seek the help of personal injury solicitor to claim the compensation. As you know, you are going to claim against a hospital or a medical team. They will do their best to prove them innocent. So, to win the claim, you should seek the help of an expert and professional personal injury solicitor. He can help you in many ways.

Personal injury solicitor Bolton can help you to estimate your compensation amount. In general, there is not a predefined amount of compensation. You will get compensation according to the damage, loss, and suffering. In some cases, it might also depend on the victim’s profession and age.


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