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Mistakes You Should Avoid While Building A ChatBot

Building A ChatBot


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In order to increase the leads towards your business, utilizing the benefits of chatbots is extremely beneficial. But keep in mind not all bots will give you benefit after implementation, as there are a set of rules that need to be set while building the bot and there are some basic mistakes that you need to avoid in order to build a chatbot that will be beneficial for your business. All these bots will be as good as you build them to be.

Let’s Have A Look At Some Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid:

  • Not User Focused
  • Bot Identity
  • Introduction & Capabilities
  • Building A Conversation
  • Asking The Wrong Questions
  • Not using The Resources

Not User-Focused:

Let’s assume since you are on this guide, that you aren’t looking to build a bot just for fun. You are here so you can focus on increasing your leads and conversion rates. If that is the case, you have to keep in mind that the bot you have built, it needs to be focused on user needs rather than generalizing the bot. While building the bot keep in mind the question “What does the user want?” Few things to keep in mind, what are the issues the user is facing, How can your bot help the user with that issue, are there any other things that might get in the way of your bot being able to solve that issue. Keep these important questions in mind while you use the BOT Building Platform to for your website.

Bot Identity

This might be a little hard to think of but giving your bot identity is really important. By identity, we simply mean making the bot feel as if the user is having a conversation with a human, not a chatbot.
You can add in personalities like making it answer in a friendly or funny manner but keeping in mind it doesn’t deviate from your business values. Make every conversation in the same tone of that personality you are building with the use of a conversational AI platform, so there are no loopholes while the customer is deep into a chat with the bot.

Introduction & Capabilities

It’s extremely important that you give an explanation about your chatbot before the user starts having a conversation with the chatbot. If the user actually knows what the bot can do, and the resources it can provide than it becomes a better user experience and the chances of the user to leave your website decreases.
Keep in mind you have to start by simply introducing the bot to the customer, keep it clear that the person the user is talking to is not actually a person, then go on to explain the capabilities of that bot.

Building A Conversation

Your focus while building the bot should be to make it such a way that, it impersonates the way people talk to each other, as that’s exactly how the users expect when they see a chat window appears. Adding responses taken from your site content is a bad idea, as they are not conversation material, which in turn will decrease the user interest, then they might leave the site halfway.

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Asking The Wrong Questions

Remember not to frustrate the user with complicated questions or question that are not necessary for the topic they have a query about. Sometimes even asking a straight question can leave the user confused. Meaningful question is the key.

Not Using The Resources

It’s easy to think you know everything, and having confidence yourself that you have built the best bot and there are no mistake you might face, is good, but it’s better to be wrong than losing all those potential leads you could have gained if you had taken the help of resources outside of yourself. Using the help of your colleagues or your team is the right way to go.


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