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Mobile Electronic Magazine: Why It Matters!

Mobile Magazine

We are living in the 21st century in which people have become tech fanatics. Internet, computer, and the smart phones have transformed their lives. Things can be done with just a finger touch on the screen. People do not have time to go out and do things which they need to do in the past. Everything can be done with the usage of the web from the comfort of the home.

E-Commerce industry is on boom. Further, online or digital publications have become a part and parcel of everybody’s lives. And being a publisher or a business owner, you can’t compete in this digital age without embracing digital publications. Digital publishing can provide your business a lot of exposure and online visibility. Not to mention, digital publishing is the need of the hour.

Without any doubt, smart phones have become like an organ of the human body. And considering the fact that smartphone internet users are exceeding desktop internet users, you are required to focus on mobile magazine publishing. There were days when people only browse the internet through desktops, but now things have changed and shifted towards mobile.

Platforms such as Google Play store and Apple app store have a great deal of apps dedicated to mobile magazine publishing. Having your mobile magazine app there means a lot of business exposure, which can bring you loads of clients and prospects. All you need to contact a software vendor who can help you develop your app.

These apps have tons of rich media flash animated features in them. They create the page flipping effect and sound, meaning to say your users would get the illusion like they are turning the pages of a real book. Also, your user can zoom in the content, read the content in single and double page layout, set background music, and do a lot more fun things to get entertained while reading. Also, with the social media integration feature, your user can share the publications with just a click on the button on social media platforms like Facebook, Vine, Pinterest, Instagram, Delicious, and more. You just can’t deny the fact that social media is now playing a giant role in the search engine optimization process and with the social media mentions and share, your business will skyrocket over Google and other search engines

This kind of publications would be also be welcomed by environment conscious people owing to the reduction of energy and paper utilization.

Also, you can lock your content with securities like username and password. Also, you can easily manage a paid subscription. This is a great thing for a publisher or an entrepreneur who wish to earn through their content.

As far as concerned the pricing is concerned, you can do it at inexpensive prices. If you are looking for mobile magazine publishing software, you can use your internet tools to find the software which could help you do it. Take a free trial and determine the usability of the software according to your needs.


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