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Pick Up A New Cold Steel Tanto Knife from White Mountain Knives

Cold Steel Tanto Knife

There is a reason that tantos and knives with tanto blades (Cold Steel Tanto Knife) have become so immensely popular, especially among those in tactical lines of work and people who need a blade for rugged utility. Actually, there are quite a few reasons. The profile of a tanto blade gives the point strength not customarily seen in blades with similar styles, suiting the blade particularly well for any task that requires penetration or leverage to be exerted near the point.

The flat grind is robust and pairs well with the integrity of the tip, matching the edge to the rough tasks that will accompany similar use of the point. The utility of a tanto is not in question, but what remains is to settle on a brand, and there are few makers that have perfected the design of the tanto as well as Cold Steel. A Cold Steel Tanto Knife is sure to serve well, regardless of the use to which it is tested.

More About Cold Steel Tanto Knife

If you’re interested in a Cold Steel tanto knife, you could hardly do better than to go with the classic Tanto Lite. With a ridiculously hard cryo quenched blade of 4116 stainless steel, this is one workhorse of a knife, and its other features go along quite swimmingly with that level of durability. It offers a Kray-Ex handle, polypropylene guard and pommel, and a secure ex-belt sheath.

This knife is entirely designed and constructed around a tough-as-nails ideology. Moreover, though its make is intended to enhance its features as a workhorse, they do not increase its cost, and this knife is priced to please, being designed to perform as well as pricier models without the cost additive features.

If you’re looking for a smaller knife to serve as the side to a different tool, Cold Steel’s Kobun boot knife is sure to fit that bill. With five and a half-inch blade of AUS 8A stainless steel, this knife is the perfect utilitarian addition to a different main armor hunting knife. A Kraton handle and secure ex sheath round out the package for the same level of durability as the former entry with only a slightly more demure profile.

Why Choosing Cold Steel Tanto Knife?

Another excellent choice, especially for those looking for the convenience of a folder, is Cold Steel’s SR1 Tanto. Perfect for those that need a backup that can be stashed in a pocket but still for quick deployment, this knife fits the bill but can still be put to the most demanding of tasks. Cold Steel’s tanto folders are built to be able to handle the grinds of their fixed cousins and never flinch.

So regardless of whether you’re looking for a ten-inch main blade, a slightly shorter back up or some folder for EDC, you’ll be able to find a Cold Steel tanto knife to fit that niche perfectly. Whatever your preference, you’ll find them all and with more to spare at White Mountain Knives, purveyor of the finest blades on the market from Cold Steel and other main players.

White Mountain Knives has one of the most complete inventories among knife sellers, and with a web of vendors so broad that if you’re looking for a blade or a brand you don’t happen to see listed, White Mountain Knives will still likely be able to procure it for you.

Adding to the excellence, when you go with White Mountain Knives to outfit your blade collection, you get free shipping on top of an already excellent product offering. So figure out which Cold Steel tanto knife appeals most to you and head to WhiteMountainKnives.com today. For more information about Leatherman Pocket Knife 

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