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Premier types of play in your child’s development

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If we ask about the development of your kid, it is likely that you would tell us about the study skills of the child. But, only study skills do not indicate the complete development of the children.

We would call a child dull if he does not spend time in outdoor games or activities.

However, the kid may be a genius in his school subjects.

As a parent, you have to be more conscious of the healthy brain development of your child. And, not only study but fun activities also play a vital part in the development of a healthy brain.

When the child participates in interesting and challenging plays, he is supposed to polish his intelligence and memory.

Moreover, playing makes a kid physical and psychologically fit and fine.

In this blog, we have an obvious goal of describing some age-appropriate fun activities that are specially designed for the 2 to 5 years old children.

So, if your children are fit in these age group limits, just read the blog and enjoy playing with your children.

Cooperative Play

Cooperative Play

The name indicates the nature of this play. In this type, children are motivated to achieve a common goal. The activity can be a project or a competition in which all the children learn working as team members.

This play is helpful in enhancing social and communication skills since the children have to interact with others in these plays.

Onlooker Play

Metals Swings

In this type of play, a child seems inactive and does not participate in any activity, what he does is just observing other children. If you observe your child doing so, do not worry since your child may be preparing himself to mingle with others.

Unoccupied Play

Unoccupied Play

This type of play has no specific structure or guidelines. The child is free to perform random activities. It is just his choice to do whatever he wants to do.

Parallel Play

In this type, two or more child play separately and it seems that are engaged in their own world. But indeed, they are mimicking the way of play of their associates. This type of plat is also important for the social behaviour of the child.

Associative Movement

This type of play is quite different from the parallel play. Here, the children play separately but besides playing alone, they are involved with each other. For example, children are making a model with the help of blocks.

Competitive Play

As the name suggests, this type of play motivates the children to compete with each other. A simple example of this type is a snake-ladder game. These plays provide the child with a sense of beating the competitors.

Dramatic Play

Let your child imagine a situation like serving the food in a restaurant. The child has to play a waiter in a restaurant. Or, the child may pretend like a doctor to treat the patients. 

The conclusion of this discussion is clear. You have to create an environment in which your children may have a lot of fun activities.

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