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Promise Day Quotes – Wishes, Images, and Status to Share

Promise Day Quotes

The relation and bond go together with the faith of truth, so the promises need to make to complete. We are in the middle of Valentine Week and can sense the love is already blowing in the air with blossom. Now it’s a Promise Day, the 5th day of Valentine Week – 11th February to make promises to your relationship. If you find it difficult to express, then the Promise Day Quotes will help you to express your promises.

Happy Promise Day Love

Make the promises to win your relationship for a lifetime, and your relationship will get more polished. You can send Promise Day Quotes and Messages through cards, What’s App. Telegram or Email to make it more special. Even send Promise Day Quotes to all your friends and loved ones to give special promises to stay longer or a lifetime.

Send Promise Day Quotes and Status over What’s App, Facebook, or Instagram in Images that will look attached and attractive. If you find it difficult to find the right words or make it in a creative way then don’t worry here below you will find the Promise Day Quotes, Message, status, and creative images for the same.

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Happy Promise Day Quotes, Message and Status

  • I promise that I never leave you, always be with you and make your life beautiful.
Happy Propose Day

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  • Maybe I’m too late to be your first. But right now, I’m preparing myself to be your last. I Promise.
  • Meeting you was luck, becoming lovers was destiny. Loving you is faith and commitment to each other. Happy Promise Day!
  • Happy Promise Day! I feel blessed that you always keep the littlest promises!

You are as sweet as a rosebud,
you are bright as a star,
you are cute as a kitten
That’s what YOU are
You are everything for me.
Happy Promise Day!

  • Meeting you was luck, becoming lovers was destiny. Loving you is faith and commitment to each other. Happy Promise Day!
Promise Day 2022
  • Hold my hand and I promise I’ll never let you go. Happy Promise Day dear!
  • Holding hands together, with joy and happiness, loving each other, knowing more, into deep love, expressing feelings is what makes a beautiful promise to your partner.
  • I promise to wake you up every day with a great cup of coffee! Happy Promise Day!

I promise with my heart and soul,
To love you when we grow old,
To hold your hand through ups and downs,
To take you around villages and towns,
To lead the way in the darkness,
To love you with a pinch of madness.
Happy Promise Day.

  • Love is the happiness of today, and promise of tomorrow. So, this warm note comes to you, to say that you are my life. Happy Promise Day!
Propose Day Message

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  • I promise that you will be my only face and soul, you will be my heart without whom I could not live.
  • We met it was luck, we talked it was chance, we became friends it was destiny, we are still friends it is faith, we will always befriend its a promise.
  • Promise makes love stronger, it shows how much you care. Happy Promise Day to a wonderful couple!

If you are far away, I will wait for you
If you are down, I will pick you up
If you are sick, I will sit by you
And if you are cold, I promise I’ll share my blanket with you.

  • Promises make the relationship stronger. They show how much you can do for your love. Happy Promise Day!
Propose Day Wishes

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  • More than the moon, I want you. More than water, I want you. More than roses, I want you. And more than me I want you. Happy Promise Day.
  • I promise to share the load, shoulder your burdens, and lift you when you fall. Happy Promise Day! Cheers
  • I believe in the sacredness of a promise that a man’s word should be as good as his bond; that character – not wealth or power or position – is of supreme worth” – JD Rockefeller

Wishing You…

BuzzTowns wish you a Happy Promise Day with a handshake promise to bring up a lot of upcoming updates. Enjoy Well…

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