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Tackle Your Outdoor Pursuits in Confidence With Buck Knife Blades

Buck Knife Blades

What can be said of Buck Knife Blades that haven’t already been said many times before, by many people from many walks of life? Buck knives need no introduction, among them are models as regarded among knife enthusiasts as the reverend 870 is to wingshooters. There are many hunters and outdoorsmen who only carry a Buck knife, probably not only because they have grown to love their Bucks but as much because those knives have not yet worn out. Even so, if they have Buck guarantees their knives for life, so when something does go wrong the blade can be shipped back to Buck for a replacement.

There are better steels out there than Buck’s (nearly) universally used 420HC, there are better knives, and there are certainly more expensive knives. The thing is, when you round everything together and consider everything at once, Buck always comes out at or near the top. For price and quality together, as well as aesthetics that has literally become so iconic as to define the image of a “hunting knife,” Buck knife blades are revered in all corners of the market by every manner of the outdoorsman.

So if you’re looking for a Buck knife, which one is for you? That’s the question to ask since the Buck knife you buy will be with you the rest of your life unless you lose it. There are a few classics that can handle a wide variety of tasks with equal ease and will stand up to abuse. The instant suggestion is a Buck 110 since that is the best-selling knife of all time. It’s a bit heavy and admittedly its balance could use some adjustment, but Buck’s mantra is not to fix what isn’t broke and the 110 has sold just fine for over 50 years. Besides, though the balance of the knife could be improved, it has one serious Lockback mechanism and is a hefty knife, from its beefy spine to its solid brass bright works. Balance aside, this knife can take and give a beating. It’s a solid choice for anyone who needs a folder to handle an array of jobs.

In a fixed knife, the classic is undoubtedly the Buck 119. A knife that defines the characteristics of a hunting knife, this blade is rock solid and with a phenolic grip that, though it won’t win pageants, won’t crack under pressure. It is excellent hunting or utility knife, with the perfect combination of heft in the spine and fineness near the tip. Moreover, though it appears large and unwieldy after first glance, after handling and developing familiarity with it, it is quite a well-balanced and deft knife.

Though these Buck knives are without a doubt the category winners, there are many other excellent offerings from Buck such as the Selkirk, Bantam, Vantage, and Pak Lite among others, and each of them will excel when put to work in the field. When you need to find an assortment of Buck knife blades for any purpose, head right to WhiteMountainKnives.com. With a larger selection of Buck knives and other blades than you’ll find elsewhere, White Mountain Knives is the choice solution for knives for all uses. Best of all, their massive network of vendors gives them access to an even larger stock than displayed, so when you need a blade you don’t see listed send them a message and they’ll get to work. On top of their selection, shipping is free in America, so with a great selection, low prices and free shipping it’s clear that White Mountain Knives is your go-to for blades for hunting, fishing, utility, and packing.

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