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What is PTE Practice Test & how it can help you score better?

PTE Practice Test

Pearson Test of English is an English language test given by aspirants looking to migrate in countries like Australia & New Zealand. The language test has been recently seeing an increase in the number of test-takers due to relaxation in migration policies from various countries.

With the increase in demand for the Pearson exam, aspirants are looking for more and more options that can help them clear the PTE Exam. With every demanding increase, many new platforms have emerged intending to help students clear the Pearson exam.

PTE Practice platforms are becoming quite popular these days due to their effectiveness to help students clear exam as well as their cost-effectiveness.

However, the very first question that comes to our mind is what is the PTE Practice Test?

What is PTE Practice Test?

PTE Practice Test are full-length practice tests that comprise of all the four sections that are speaking, writing, reading & listening. The test is based on Pearson patterns and acts as a realistic simulation of the exam.

The complete test of two hours and forty-five minutes with near about seventy-one questions. The tests also come with an optional ten-minute break that you can take to freshen up. PTE practice tests come with scorecard and coach feedback which are AI-based.

Sections in the PTE Practice Test :

Speaking: Speaking section is the first section of the test which comprises nearly thirty-five questions and is divided across five task types.

The scoring is based on three factors namely content, oral fluency, and pronunciation. The scoring is based on your understanding to listen, understand, and speak basic English with a focus on your ability to comprehend.

The speaking section is a major marks contributor in the PTE practice tests and is often considered one of the most difficult of all the four sections. There are five task types in the speaking section namely :

  • Read Aloud
  • Repeat Sentence
  • Describe Image
  • Retell Lecture
  • Answer Short Question

Writing Section: The writing section is the second task type of PTE practice tests and comprises of two task types namely

  • Summarize Written Text
  • Essay Writing

The scoring for the given section is based on your ability to write the correct form of English. The marks are distributed on the following factors namely

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Written Discourse

The writing section consists of four questions and it doesn’t contribute to other sections. Although it’s scoring does get affected by the listening section.

Reading Section: The reading section is the third section in PTE Practice tests and it comes with five task types namely

  • Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer
  • Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answer
  • Re-order Paragraphs
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks

The reading section comprises of task types that have either correct or incorrect answers. This section judges your ability to use contextual and grammatical cues to identify words that complete a reading text. The reading section also contributes to the listening section and carries a good weightage.

Listening section: The listening section is the fourth and final section of the PTE Practice Test. This section contributes heavily to the writing section as well. It consists of eight task types namely

  • Summarize Spoken Text
  • Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answer
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Highlight Correct Summary
  • Multiple-choice, choose single answer
  • Select Missing Word
  • Highlight Incorrect Words
  • Write from dictation

The listening section judges your ability to understand and summarize a sentence. It also checks your ability to write the sentence and in the process checks your ability for both writing and listening section.

AI-Based scoring in PTE Practice Test

PTE Practice tests come with AI scoring which means once you attempt a test, it will be evaluated by algorithms and your result will be generated.

These AI scoring is completely based on the simulation of the Pearson exam and follow the same guidelines that are used in the evaluation of PTE exams. It also helps in the fast generation of the score which can help the students prepare even within a very short period.

Coach Feedback for PTE Practice Test

Each of the practice tests comes with coach feedback which means when you attempt the task types are evaluated by the coach. An assigned coach goes through your test and gives feedback regarding the mistakes you made and how you can improve.

One can use the feedback to improve their skills related to the given task type and can attempt the test again to get better results. The coach feedback is provided on factors like intonation, word stress, linking, ability to comprehend a given sentence structure.

Clear your PTE Exam with PTE Practice test

With the ever-increasing demand, the need for PTE practice is constantly increasing. These tests are cheap, efficient, and give you an exact simulation like the Pearson exam.

Once you attempt a test, you get a scorecard along with coach feedback which helps you understand your mistakes and how you can improve upon it. Since they are very pocket friendly, you can practice a large number of tests so as to get used to the whole pattern and improve your efficiency as well as scoring.

Tips to practice PTE tests :

  • Always use an erasable notepad while attempting the exam.
  • Always attempt the tests with concentration.
  • Be confident and use proper intonation and pronunciation.
  • Practice each and every task type and understand your mistakes.
  • Go through each and every coach feedback and improve upon them.
  • Pearson centers are always noisy, try to practice the test in a noisy environment. PTE Practice tests can be very beneficial and can be really helpful in getting you the desired score if practiced with a proper strategy. So if you are looking to clear the PTE Exam with flying colors in the first attempt, practice as much as you can and learn from the coach feedback.


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