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Questions to Ask When You Buy ID Card Printers

ID Card Printers

Having your own ID card printer can be an asset to a company that constantly needs to produce ID badges and wants to save time between going to a printer and complete the task in house.

When it comes time to buy an ID card printer, there are a few questions you need to ask before you make a purchase. Not all ID card printers are equal and do exactly the same thing, so you need to know exactly what you need and can get the right printer for you.

Today, we will review some questions you should ask and have answered before you buy ID card printers for your company.

Question: How will you use the ID cards?

Knowing what the card is being used for will help you pick the right card type and a card printer that can handle the task. ID cards that are used for gaining access to a building or room or for identification purposes and that are not using a lot of information require less design time.

It also depends on if you are just printing IDs or if you need labels or other printed items. Depending on what you need from the printer and the ID cards, that will help you determine what ID card printer you should purchase.

Question: Are you printing on one side or both?

Printers come with single-sided and dual-sided printing capabilities and depending on if you need to print on both sides or not can help you determine which printer to get.

Dual-sided printers help you print on both sides of the ID badge, good for if you are encoding with security features or a magnetic stripe. If you are not sure if you will need this capability, get a printer that is upgradeable so you can convert from one-sided to dual-sided easily and without a large cost to you.

Question: How many cards will you print each year?

The frequency with which you will print cards may be the most important question to ask before you Buy Id Card Printers for your business. Printers are created differently with different capabilities for the frequency of printing.

If you plan to only print cards annually or every time a new hire starts, you may not need a printer that can handle a heavy workload, but if you are regularly printing cards throughout the year and in bulk, get a printer that can handle the task.

Question: Do you need cards that have security features?

Depending on what kind of security measures your need and features you want added to your ID badges, you want a printer that can make adding these features easy. Some ID printers will have holographic features and softwares can add security features like logos, employee pictures and signatures that make ID cards unique and stand out. Determine if your company needs these security features and find a printer that can handle the task.

Question: What does your design need?

Depending on the printer capabilities, the color and design may not be the top priority. If you want your graphics to come through with crisp colors and your logo to stand out, find a printer that can take the preview images that you see on the computer and turn it into reality on a card.

At ID Shop, you can buy ID card printers that get the job done and deliver the results you are looking for so that all of your employees can have a quality ID badge with great graphics and the functionality needed to get around the building safely and securely. Contact ID Shop with any questions you may have about the products by calling 844-443-7467 or sending an email to [email protected].


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