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Recover From COVID-19 Using Post-COVID Physical Therapy

Recover From COVID-19 Using Post-COVID Physical Therapy

As doctors continue to study the long-term effects of COVID-19, many people around the world are still suffering. Post-COVID conditions, also known as long COVID, can cause pain, reduce energy, affect breathing and make focusing on tasks extremely difficult. This combination of symptoms has a huge effect on daily life.

Physical therapy near me isn’t only for recovering from physical injuries. The techniques physical therapists use can help patients manage a variety of chronic illnesses including post-COVID conditions. There may not yet be a cure for long COVID, but there are professional tools and exercises that can help you return to normal.

When Should I Seek Professional Help?

Symptoms of both initial and long-term COVID vary widely between individuals, and researchers are still examining why some people with similar backgrounds may be more or less affected. You may wonder if your post-COVID symptoms are “normal” or cause for concern. Here are a few signs that you should seek out PT clinics near me to help manage long COVID:

  • Frequent shortness of breath
  • Pain that interferes with daily tasks
  • Fatigue that makes it difficult to get things done
  • Concentration issues that affect work, home life or relationships
  • Inability to exercise

Physical therapy can help with these issues before they turn into larger health complications. For example, if you can’t exercise after COVID without becoming exhausted, your overall health will suffer the longer you neglect this symptom.

Reconditioning Your Body To Handle Your Daily Routine Again

Physical therapy supplements your doctor’s efforts to heal your body post-COVID. Many of the long-term symptoms of the virus naturally cause patients to rest, sleep and avoid movement. The main goal of physical therapy is to promote healthy movement and slowly build back the strength you had previously.

A physical therapist can also monitor your symptoms to ensure that interventions aren’t making your long COVID worse. Many people’s long-term symptoms were a result of trying to push their bodies too quickly after COVID, so a physical therapist’s discretion and care can keep this cycle from repeating itself.

Balance Training

Fatigue, pain and mental fog combine to make balance more difficult for those with post-COVID conditions. Balance is the foundation of daily movement and is important for carrying items, sitting down in chairs and even getting out of bed.

A physical therapist can prescribe balance exercises you can perform to retrain this key skill. As a side effect, balance exercises can help the mind  focus.


A lack of exercise can make muscles stiff, painful and more prone to injury. Gentle stretching routines can make your body feel better and make you more inclined to move around.


Building back muscular strength is another key part of managing your post-COVID condition. Gradual exercises such as step-ups and light weights slowly and safely rebuild muscles that have sat idle.

Doctors do not yet fully understand the long-term effects of COVID, but physical therapy Bellevue WA can help manage symptoms. Physical therapy helps COVID patients rebuild their bodies and retrain their minds to tackle daily tasks.


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