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Romantic Tour of Europe with your partner


Travel makes one find happiness within them; it helps them to discover various places and do a wide range of activities that helps to rejuvenate. If you are planning for a Romantic tour of Europe for a Valentine’s Day, anniversary, honeymoon trip or time off with a partner there are plenty of cities that offer a perfect getaway.

European countries can be visited by tourists round the year, unlike other countries where one has the preference. Having had that priority, people also get the comfort of exploring world-class places which includes historical places and romantic destinations too.

Places in Ukraine

There are so many remarkable places in Ukraine and one will be spoilt for choices. The amazing city of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine is a great place to explore.

World-famous heritage monuments in the old town of Lviv, with its vast history and culture, are a great mystery to unfold. Beautiful architecture, the black sea, and catacombs of Odesa, the largest ski and mountains in Bukovel, Ballet Theatre in Kharkiv, museums in Dnipro, Chernivtsi, and Castles in Uzhhorod are some of the finest places which are yet to be explored by tourists.

If you are a newlywed couple looking to start your journey into a new phase, Ukraine can be a place where you can get laid in nature and feel relaxed. Forget your work, business, and relatives, and be a romantic chap when you are on your trip.

Try giving surprise gifts as women like surprises! Reading love stories or romantic novels together is not a bad idea either. That might set the ambiance at its place? Moreover, Exotic beaches in Ukraine are the beauty of nature to spend quality time with your partner.

Must see places in Poland

Being in the Baltic Sea, Poland is known for its Jewish Heritage and some fine architecture. Guided tour in the Royal Castle in Warsaw is one of the must see places in Poland likewise Exotic Beaches in Poland. Wawel castle and Auschwitz memorial in Krakow are another to-do for the tourist.

Long market shops in Gdansk, Centennial Hall in Wroclaw, Tatra Mountains, Ostrow Tumski’s island in Poznan, Vistula River in Torun are some of the popular destinations which exhibit the beauty of Poland.

Romantic places in Romania

If you are planning for a romantic escapade, there are some amazing Romantic places in Romania give the perfect getaway. The dream trip of Romania is filled with the beautiful architecture and traditions in the city of Sighisoara.

Surrounded by the Carpathians, Brasov has an excellent atmosphere and landscapes. Timisoara, Constanta Sinaia and Bucharest are great city for the romantics.

Romania will give you options to explore the lover side of you, try to rejuvenate yourself. When your partner is in a happy mood, do not mind confessing your romantic past stories, and bring everything back to normal with them.

If you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway, then the perfect place to start in Europe. There are numerous places we can suggest if we talk about Europe, but for a newlywed, it is also important to consider that it is a lifetime opportunity to spend time together, why miss it? Do you have some other places to suggest or you went on a trip? Do share it with us!

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