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How to Start A Profitable Instagram Blog?

Profitable Instagram Blog

If you are entirely new to Instagram blogging but interested in creating a Profitable Instagram Blog for yourself, you are in the right place. Sometimes we feel like sharing our thoughts creatively but not with a website with multiple pages. In general, the concept of blogging has undergone various changes over the past, along with the multiple platforms that people used to receive and disseminate information.

Blogs could be as small-sized with typically little content (microblogs) or large-sized with a massive range as found in websites. With that said, an Instagram blog falls under the microblogging category and allows sharing information as short posts. A microblog refers to sharing your thoughts on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Starting an Instagram blog is very easy and takes only less than an hour. An Instagram blog allows you to express your thoughts to a large audience. Social media Influencers earn more money when they tie up with brands to promote their products. Let’s now take a look at the benefits of having an Instagram blog.

Benefits of Creating an Profitable Instagram Blog

Blogging on Instagram provides several advantages.

  • It consumes significantly less time to start an Profitable Instagram Blog.
  • Content creation is straightforward, easy and requires less effort.
  • Build connections with people with identical interests.
  • Direct messaging and commenting features allow direct communication with the customers, which helps establish a solid brand-customer relationship.
  • Instagram blogs drive more potential traffic to your website.
  • The various content formats available (stories, reels, IGTV) attract a larger crowd leading to increased engagement and sales.

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Tips to Start An Profitable Instagram Blog

**Sign Up For An Instagram Creator Account

Creator accounts are perfect for bloggers and Influencers to start with, whereas business accounts are suitable for big established brands and famous Influencers. Unlike a personal account, a creator account provides many benefits. If you already have a personal account, you can switch over to a creator account. And If you don’t have one, you could directly sign up for a creator account. Now open the Instagram app and click the Sign-Up button to create a new account. Enter the mobile number or email, full name, desired username, and password to create a new account. To make it a creator profile, head on to your profile, click the hamburger icon on the top right corner. Click Account and select “Switch To Professional Account” and select “Creator.” Next, choose the Instagram category.

**Pick A Niche For Your Blog

Your Instagram blog is likely to grow only when you post consistently. The reason behind choosing a niche is to let your audience know that you will be posting content on topics related to that specific niche. Finance, Health & Fitness, Beauty, Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle, Personal Development, Real Estate, Gadgets & Technology are some popular niches to make more money and profit. Some of these have several sub-niches under them, which also offer an excellent payoff when done right.

**Revive Your Instagram Bio & Profile Photo

An Instagram Bio is something that anyone who visits an Instagram profile will first look at to see your profile picture and bio. The chances are that they will follow only if they get impressed. Please note that mobile devices occupy ample space in mobile devices, which is called “above-the-fold” content in web design terminology. It denotes users’ content just the moment the page gets loaded, and no scrolling is done. There is no point in having the best quality photos in the grid and putting a bad profile picture. Keep in mind that a profile picture influences a lot in making users stay engaged with your profile. Make sure to add all critical information that users want to see when they see your profile, like who you are, what you do, and what type of content followers can expect from you if they follow you.

**Create An Instagram Content Plan

Your Instagram will be your main blog, but you aren’t going to write a lengthy article. So you have to create an Instagram feed with visually attractive photos and videos to captivate more audience and get more followers for your blog. It is necessary to post content every day to in-feed posts and stories. You may get the required photography essentials within your budget. If you have a good smartphone, that is more than enough to take quality pictures. When you post appealing images, you’ll receive automatic Instagram likes in plenty resulting in tons of engagement in all aspects like views, comments, and shares. Also, there are several editing apps available to edit Instagram photos in addition to the inbuilt filters.

**Write Pleasing Captions

Adding appropriate captions for your Instagram photos can help demonstrate the picture to your audience, and they are considered an essential component on Instagram. The main reason captions are so important is that they help your audience understand why you’ve posted such a photo. There are thousands and millions of images out there on Instagram, so a compelling caption is what can make yours stand out from the rest and acts as an ideal call to action (CTA), triggering the user to perform an action. Make sure that your CTA will help meet the goal of the photo, tell a story to your audience, and relate your audience with you.

**Build A Community

Start following other accounts and engage with whom you follow to build a strong community around you which is what you need to increase your engagement rate. Identify people who you know will like your content and initiate conversations with them. Enlist a few top Influencers in your niche, follow and interact with their followers by leaving positive and meaningful comments beneath their posts. Never miss out on commenting because it is human to reciprocate, and people will get along with you in the future.

**Make A Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags are the key to increase impressions for your Instagram content and drive more targeted traffic for your blog. Avoid using generic hashtags. Practice using the correct number of relevant hashtags to increase content visibility and engagement. Take a look at your peers and competitors who are using hashtags to get maximum exposure.

**Use All Of Instagram Features

Besides in-feed posts, Instagram offers various content formats like stories, reels, IGTV, and live. Explore all these features to grow your account with more followers. Though stories appear only for 24 hours, you can add the most important content to your story highlights so that they stay permanently for the audience to watch.

Final Words

It is pretty easy to start a Profitable Instagram Blog and get on with sharing content. The main advantage of using Instagram as a blog is that you don’t have to spend a dime growing your Account and making some revenue out of it.

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