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Studio Equipment: Basic requirement for your Voiceover recordings

The basic requirement for your Voice over recordings

As humans are audio-visual creatures, they tend to respond and connect more with anything having sound or visual appeal. Brands these days have become more informative about the needs of the consumers and hence, know that voices and visuals are the need of the hour. Voice over artists/actor  are therefore required everywhere from brand promotion to marketing to movies, documentaries or advertising.

If you are a voice actor beginning his/her career in this field, or a professional with regular commercial work and want to hone voice over skills, then you need to know about the essential voice over equipment, their uses, characteristics and requirements. This will help you to produce quality recordings in a professional and quick manner. Below is a list of few essential studio equipments that are required for any voice over recording:


Well, one of the basic things that you definitely require for any voice over recording is a quality, sturdy microphone that’ll help you to get professional and impactful recordings. Microphone is essential equipment required to capture your voice in the best possible manner. With so many microphone types in the market, it is also crucial to select the one that fits your requirements as well as the budget. As different microphones function differently, it is essential to know your type from below:        

  1. Carbon button
  2. Dynamic
  3. Condenser
  4. Ribbon
  5. Crystal or ceramic microphones”

Out of all these, the condenser microphone is an ideal choice for any professional as it has a good pick up range and strong audio signals that will help you to get reliable and better recordings. If you are looking to go after large diaphragm mics, then remember that these are great at picking up low frequencies, while for higher frequencies of that of a child or female’s pitch, it is better to opt for a small diaphragm/capsule mic.

Microphone stand:

This might seem like something that you want to skip adding to your list but this basic item plays a huge role in the quality of your recorded output. Microphone, ideally should not be handled by the artist while recording as it might cause distortions and fluctuations. By having a good and robust mic stand you can expect consistent recordings that will sound even and high quality with no trembles.


For delivering any recording it is also necessary to listen to it for your own assessment. A good pair of headphones that can be worn for long hours is helpful to provide you better sound without any noise. Although it is dependent on the artist whether to use the headphone while recording or only while doing the editing, it is usually considered a good investment for any voice over artist.

Editing software’s:

Editing and recording software’s can be considered as the final stroke to any recorded output. These software’s help you to polish, refine and provide quality audio recordings. It is essential to find the right software as most of them have varying complexity and ease of operation. The softwares can be broadly divided in four categories: Audio Editors, Plugins, Multi-Track Recorders and Miscellaneous Studio Softwares and can be selected as per the artists requirements.

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