According to recent statistics, one-quarter of watch buyers mainly wear a watch to mark a fashion statement including 32% of older Millennials. It’s no secret that men envy after a luxury timepiece. Patek Phillipe, Blancpain, Rolex, Omega, you name it; today’s man is going to acquire it. Here you will find the most affordable watch brands in the world.

But when you are on a budget, a more affordable watch brand has to serve. For me, affordable is, unfortunately, all I can desire to, but fortunately, there are numerous brands to select from that don’t compromise on style or quality.

There are countless brands that produce high quality, beautifully designed watches at the prices that won’t break the bank.

Whether you garb a $70,000 Patek Phillipe or a $50 Swatch, you ultimately share a passion for the same thing.

List of Affordable Watch Brands

Here are the 7 most affordable watch brands that should be on your wish list:


Seiko began in 1881, founded by Kintaro Hatorri in central Tokyo. Back in 1913, the Laurel, the first wristwatch made in Japan, makes its debut.

By the time, Seiko has become one of the most recognizable names in horology and accredited with being the pioneer to manufacture a timepiece that combined an automatic movement featuring the accuracy of quartz.

Seiko’s most well-famed line-up is the Seiko Series 5, which signifies five criteria that a Seiko watch must meet to be able to use the signature.


Timex roots back to 1854 in Waterbury, Connecticut. It started life as the Waterbury Clock Company before reforming as Timex Corporation in 1944; this Connecticut-based firm is often credited as the inventor of the wristwatch.

From sports to dress to automatic to solar to name but a few, today, the Timex engineers timepieces for all occasions.

Q Timex is one of its most iconic models, first launched in 1979, but recently reissued; featuring quartz technology.


Established in 1918, Citizen is another worldwide recognized Japanese watchmaker.

What interesting is –the firm titled as the world’s first multi-band atomic wristwatch manufacturer, which is precise to within one second in one hundred thousand years. 

Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology is the reason behind the reputation of this company, the technology depends on a solar panel to keep the integrated battery charged. The battery can last up to 40 years before it requires to be replaced.


In 1875, Joseph Bulova fueled by the era’s risk-taking philosophy ultimately opened a small store in downtown New York City that would mark the beginning of his enduring quest –to manufacture the finest quality watches.

With an untiring drive for excellence, efficiency, and accuracy, quality craftsmanship became the foundation of Bulova.

In addition, Bulova is a pioneer in developing the Accutron method of timekeeping, which used a 360Hz tuning fork as a replacement for of a balance wheel and assured to be precise to one minute per month.

At present, Bulova is driven by the same core principles of workmanship, novelty, and technology guided by its creator over 143 years ago.


Orient founded in 1950, one of the most popular affordable watch brands based in Japan.

Since its inception, Orient has been manufacturing unique, superior-quality watches.

At present, Orient carries on to refine its product line by developing a matchless mechanical movement, and redefine style by utilizing the modern Japanese street fashion for the world to consume.

Besides, Orient is well-known for its self- and hand-wound models including Star Series, which first released in the 1960s –was a reasonable automatic timekeeper. On the other hand, the Fineness, out in 1967, was the thinnest automatic timepiece of its time.


Filip Tysander inspired by his friend’s vintage watch features NATO straps, Filip decided to craft his own line of timepieces.

He crafted the classic, minimalist, and refined design equipped with interchangeable straps, featuring the precision and accuracy of a Japanese movement.

Whether you are attending a corporate event, playing tennis or enjoying a sunny day at the beach club, a retro-style Daniel Wellington watch is an ideal companion for every occasion and any situation.


It’s no secret, Swatch wristwatches are identical with fun designs, realism, and affordability – the name Swatch itself drives from ‘second watch’, as they’re designed to be casual and disposable.

Swatch timepieces gained an international succeeding because they allow customers to own a Swiss-made watch without paying the Swiss-made prices.

With an array of styles available – automatic movements have recently been added in the product line– the Swatch has become something for everyone.    


From Seiko to Orient to Citizen to Timex to Daniel Willington to Bulova, I have highlighted the best brands of watches that produce timepieces that won’t break the bank. Shop now from these affordable brands and make a fashion statement at any event, workplace or more.

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