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Every year, we are treated to a bunch of exciting new products that promise to increase home security without having to cost an arm and a leg. Technological advancements certainly helped lower the cost in most available systems. Homeowners can also choose to customize their system by only choosing the accessories they need for their home. These systems have been designed to connect with other third-party accessories so expansion is quick and seamless. Professional monitoring is also available in some of these systems so customers never have to worry about constantly monitoring the footage.

For the year 2020, here is a list of the top home security systems currently available.

SimpliSafe Home Security

SimpliSafe covers over 3 million homes and provides home environmental monitoring, intrusion protection, and home automation capabilities. It is known for its affordability and functionality. SimpliSafe is offered in a wide range of DIY home security system packages. Customers can customize their set up by choosing from a wide selection of accessories. The starter kit is priced at $230 with an additional monthly subscription priced at $15 for customers to access its remote security features. Impressive and very capable, SimpliSafe is a good alternative to premium home security systems.


If you are new to the world of home security, then Abode is your likely product of choice. It has standard sensors and devices as an entry-level security system. It can integrate Alexa and Nest for voice-activated arming and disarming. Customers can also add other accessories to the setup, depending on the security need. For professional monitoring, customers can subscribe to a monthly subscription fee of $30. And because Adobe was designed to support Zigbee and Z-Wave, it’s possible to connect other third-party devices for more control with the system.

Nest Secure

Nest and Google Home teamed up to create Google Nest, a smart and intuitive home security system that is more than just your standard hidden camera. It’s easy to set up and integrating third-party devices into the Nest ecosystem is easy and simple. The $499 Nest starter pack includes a one Guard hub, two Detect door/window/motion sensors, and two Tag key fobs. It’s possible to arm and disarm the system by entering a PIN or by tapping the Tag fob over the Guard hub. The highlight in this system is the Detect sensors which are capable of being individually disabled while other sensors continue to monitor the home.

Honeywell Smart Home Security System

This state-of-the-art DIY home security kit is one to watch this 2020. The system’s Camera Base Station serves as the hub and is equipped with high-definition live streaming, a wide-angle camera, and free cloud storage for 24-hours. Like all security systems mentioned, the Honeywell also allows other accessories to be integrated into the system. As of writing this article, professional monitoring is not available yet.

Scout Alarm Home Security System

Scout promises that home security will be smooth, effortless, and hassle-free. With Scout, customers have full control of their home from anywhere around the world. Their starter kit priced at $247 includes a hub, door/window sensor, motion sensor, and a water sensor. A monthly subscription fee of $10 will mean professional monitoring. Amazon Alexa is also integrated into Scout so arming and disarming can be done through voice.

SmartThings ADT Home Security Kit

If you’re looking for an easy way to secure the home, then your best option would be to go for SmartThings ADT home security starter kit. The starter kit is priced at $550 and its optional expansion kit will cost up to $200. The expansion kit includes a smoke detector, a water leak sensor, and a carbon monoxide detector. SmartThings made it even easier for interested customers by offering contract-free professional monitoring. The subscription fee starts at $15 and can go up to $35 per month.

We will continue to see the home security industry thrive as more and more people prioritize safety and security above all else. The fact that systems are now customizable means customers can select only the gadgets they need for their home thus saving them a ton of money.


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