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The Unspoken Meanings of Everlasting Flowers


There’s no doubt that you can convey all your deep feelings with the help of flowers. Different colors of flowers express different meanings, but very few know the meaning of flowers. Flowers have become popular with symbolism, myths, old tales, and secretive communications. Flowers express emotions that you are unable to speak in words. That’s why when you give a bouquet to someone special, a lot of sentiments are attached behind it.

Flowers help you to convey your emotions and also brightens your day. Each flower adds another layer of meaning, such as friendship, love, joy, gratitude, and remembrance. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, it’s the sentiment behind the blooms, which makes every bouquet more meaningful.


Rose is native to North America and Europe and belongs to the family of rosacea. This flower comes in various colors, and each color represents different meanings. But mainly roses are a symbol of love. Yes, it’s right, roses represent the feeling of love, but they also represent many other emotions according to their colors.

For example, pink, orange, and yellow represent happiness, and white rose expresses purity and sympathy; as such, every shade of roses represent a different meaning. So, if you want to convey your love to your girlfriend, you can go for online flower delivery in Mumbai and in other cities.


Lily is part of the genus Lilium which is known as true lilies. Many other flowers use the word lily in their common names such as daylily, water lily, and calla lily. Lilies represent the meaning of devotion or purity, though meaning can vary by the type and the color of this flower. Such as white lily express the essence of virtue, pink symbolize prosperity, red shows the feeling of love, and orange represents the meaning of thankfulness and desire.

Most people send lily online to loved ones to express the feeling of sympathy. Also, the lily is no longer seen as a flower of loss, but a representative of life and celebration.


Chrysanthemum is a native to Northeastern Europe and belongs to the family Asteraceae. Some people thought this flower held the power of life. The reason is that its roots were used as a cure for headaches. You can also use its petals in salads and even turn into a celebratory drink. This flower represents the feeling of optimism and joy.

Most people send chrysanthemum online to their dear ones to describe the feeling of grief. But in some countries, people use this flower to express a sense of joy and happiness. The chrysanthemums also represent the feeling of love, happiness, or friendship. So, buy flowers online and make your bond stronger with your loved ones.


Tulip was cultivated in Persia around the 10th century. They were one of the most popular flowers because they were seen as a declaration of love and passion. Tulip represents the feeling of love and care. That’s why if you want to express your deep feelings of love to your beloved, then you can send a red tulip bouquet and show them how much you love them.

A bright and fresh color of tulip represents a lot of emotions, depending on the color. Like the purple tulips express the feeling of royalty, and white represents forgiveness, and yellow tulips symbolize cheerfulness. Most people deliver flowers online on birthdays, anniversaries, and congratulations for expressing good wishes to their loved ones. So, it’s clear that tulips are a flower of positivity. 


This flower is mostly found in America, and its seeds are used for making flour and bread. This flower represents the feeling of happiness, longevity, adoration, and loyalty. So, if you want to add joy to your loved one’s life, this flower is the best choice for you. You can also go for online flower delivery in Delhi to your loved ones by ordering flowers online.

So, guys, this is the list of flowers that can be the best gift for your loved ones and how they can help you to express your feelings and love towards your loved ones. 


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