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Best Advice for Loneliness – Things to Do If You’re Feeling Lonely

Things to Do If You’re Feeling Lonely

Ever been stuck in a situation where you are surrounded by a crowd and still feel lonely or alone? No matter how many people surround you physically, the feeling of loneliness can take over anytime and anywhere. The feeling of loneliness is normal, but the persistent feeling of solitude sucks and can be a sign of depression. If you are inclined to get connected and network, certain tips to deal with loneliness can be helpful. We have made a list of things to do if you’re feeling lonely to guide you to tap off the empty feeling and will aid you to learn to cope with loneliness.

7 Tips and Things to Do If You’re Feeling Lonely

1 Enroll in a club or group

Network with new people or look out for the groups or clubs that organize community activities and meet-ups that interest you. From sports clubs to book clubs, poetry societies, or business societies, there are several community groups that organize adventurous projects like hiking, tracking, author meet-ups, readers’ get together, open mics, business events, etc. this is the most likely way to network with the people in your locality.

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2 Pick a Book and Read

Reading a book is an escape from loneliness and the best habit to develop to learn to cope with loneliness. Books help you escape the thoughts that cause stress and aid you to dive deep into the heads of the characters and storytellers.  This will make you feel connected with the people and understand how people think. Self-help books are the savior in these times as they bring positive vibes and the motivational urge to reconnect with oneself and the world.

3 Connect with Friends and Family

It becomes more convenient to get in touch with your old pals and family than strangers. Though you have lost touch or have not talked with your old friends for ages, reconnecting with them is easier. Try to reach out to your cousins, collegemates, roommates, or other friends. See how they are doing and ignite a conversation you missed being able to do for these years. Relive the old times with them and establish a long-lasting future bond moving forward. Try to connect one-on-one or face-to-face instead of spamming social media texts and messages as this will help in tapping off the feeling of missing out and loneliness.

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4 Indulge in a Hobby

Creativity and experimenting can ignite the sparks of lively moments and will cheer up your mood. Indulge or engage in a hobby or an activity you love to do the most. You might feel happy doing dance, singing, painting or art, baking or it can be anything that lights up your mood. This is one of the common things or tips to deal with loneliness. If you do not have any hobbies, make a list of things you love to do and discover things you love the most, and experiment with different things and activities.

5 Journaling or Writing a Diary

The best way to battle loneliness is to keep a journal or write a diary. This helps you pour your sentiments and gives you a clear picture of the situation you are dealing with and where your mind is at. Scribbling thoughts or weaving emotions into poetry or a song helps you collect the thoughts and find a way to get rid of them. Moreover, journaling not only lets you jot down your feelings but also ignites creative sparks in your brain and aids in dealing with the feeling of blues.

6 Execute An Act of Kindness or Volunteer

Doing some good deeds can make you feel relaxed and better. It may aid you in feeling more connected and indulged in community activities and people. Moreover, you can volunteer for good causes or other activities which help you step out and explore the world. There are several charities and Non-Government Organisations that look out for volunteers. In case you are struggling to find a good fit, you may contact local animal shelters, nursing homes, charities, hospitals, health camps, etc. to see how you could aid and volunteer for them.

7 Get Professional Help or Support

In case you are unable to deal with the loneliness and you have no clue about what to do, you might seek a need to get some support or professional health. Connect with a mental health expert as he can help you in making more meaningful networks and discover strategies that will guide you to cope with loneliness in a healthy and thoughtful way.


Feeling loneliness is not unusual but people might experience it frequently that might bother them. Thus, the above-discussed tips and things to do if you’re feeling lonely will aid you in coping with the feeling of emptiness and solitude.

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