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Things To Do In Islamabad In Winter Season


Islamabad has natural beauty and a good atmosphere for both seasons and is a good place for foreign and local tourists. Serene Air Flights provide one of the best airline services in Pakistan. It is often used by many local and international tourists.There are many places in Islamabad that are very beautiful and great attractions for tourists.

The tourism industry is constantly evolving and Islamabad is an ideal city for travel and tourism. The tourism industry flourished in Pakistan and international and local tourism has increased by leaps and bounds in recent years.

The beauty of the city doubles in the winter season and that is why many people from all over Pakistan and especially from Lahore in winter season take Lahore To Islamabad flights to visit this magnificent city just on their weekend holidays.

Here is a list of things you should never miss if you visit Islamabad in the winter season.

Margalla Hills Hiking Adventure

The Margalla is very easily accessible from Islamabad. However, these are quite large, steep hills and should not be underestimated. If you plan a walk to the top of the first ridge in winter then solid footwear, a large bottle of water and warm clothes are necessary.

There are many routes to choose from, some of which have been numbered by urban planners. More popular walks are Trail 3, Trail 5 and Zoo Trail. Google Earth is a good way to get started before you leave.

Steve P a TripAdvisor from the USA says that the trailsare well maintained, clean and not very “completed”. Basically, rough gravel and large stones partly stacked in steps for a long series of turns, which gives a great view from both sides when climbing. You can see the monkeys on the way up; take photos of people dropped, the city behind you and the greenery around you. Great trip!

Fashion And Shopping

Islamabad’s winters are simply incomplete without shawls and stole. There are many stores that sell greatcoats, but of course, you’ll have to check every store to find the one amazing item your wardrobe needs. The best way to find a piece that matches your style is to visit Centaurus Mall for an hour or two and visit each of these stores.

You should visit Super Market, Safa Mall and Centaurus Mall for good shopping experience. People from Lahore to Islamabad come to these market places to buy their clothing because Islamabad is the most modern place in the country.

“NOER” a traveller from Manama, Bahrain says that from Islamabadhe bought twounique pairs of decent quality genuine leather shoes and he bought a few handsome shirts on very low rates and has very good shopping experience.

Pir Sohawa

One of the amazing and most visited places of this type is “Pir Sohawa”. It is an ideal place to visit and decorate with the family for night outings, celebrations, parties and events. Pir Sohawa is basically a highland located 5,000 feet above sea level.

The most amazing thing about Pir Sohawa is that you can see all of Islamabad from its highest place. Many visitors take Serene Air Flights to Islamabad to visit Pir Sohawa in winter to enjoy their holidays.

NottsTTravel a trip advisor from Nottingham, United Kingdom says about Pir Sohawa that it has beautiful views and fantastic food. Recommended for families or friends. Very friendly staff and the food looked and tasted really good.

Murree Hills

The Queen of the Hills (Malka-i-Kohsar), Murree, is only 50 km from Islamabad. You can easily overcome this distance in about an hour and enjoy the cold breeze in summer and snow in winter. In addition to Murree, you can also visit Nathia Gali, Bhurban, KhanspurAyubia, Patriata etc. Detailed information on these areas is given separately on this page.

Alacoque Gervais a trip advisor and traveller from Australia says that, is you are in Islamabad then go to Murree which is so amazing, beautiful, clean with a great culture. Guides, customers and locals are very hospitable, friendly and welcoming. They have huge local transport, the local government also hired the tourist police, and they are also very helpful in managing people.

Playing On Leavesand With Birds In Gardens And Parks

The striking landscapes, rich gardens and parks of Islamabad ensure that residents and visitors will never be far from nature. Hiking, biking, boat rides, bird watching, climbing the hills, morning/evening walks are just some of the possibilities to explore Islamabad’s wildlife at its best that would give you an unforgettable experience. Especially in the winter season, you should visit Islamabad parks and beautiful gardens like Fatima Jinnah Park, Shakarparian Hills, and Bird Aviary etc. to enjoy with different species of birds fallen leaves of many colours.

Rob White a foreigner traveller from Chester, United Kingdomsays about Bird Aviary that it is on the edge of Lake View Park is really good! Well stocked with large birds, tropical birds and rabbits!! It’s really nice to work.


The tourism in Pakistan is increasing rapidly and thousands of tourists from around the world visit Pakistan especially Islamabad in winter, every year. If you are from Lahore and haven’t visited Islamabad then plan your next trip from Lahore to Islamabad in winter to enjoy with all the above-mentioned activities and places. You will have the most enjoyable vacation of your winter.


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