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This Everyone Should Know Along With Cheap Umrah Packages



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Yawm an-Nahr (10th Dhul-Hijjah).

1- Pilgrims stay at Muzdalifa till they carry out fajr prayer on 10th Dhul-Hijjah.

2- They drop in al-Mash’ ar al-Haram (at Muzdalifa) after fajr prayer up until the day lightens significantly.

3-After the day lightens however prior to the sun increases, pilgrims continue to Mina once again to stone Jamarat al-‘ Aqaba al-Kubra with 7 pebbles.

4- Pilgrims massacre their sacrificial animals, shave their heads or reduce their hair, and make at-tahallul al-asghar or at-tahallul al-awwal (partial release from ihram), rendering acceptable all the important things that were made illegal by ihram, except for sexual relations.

5- Pilgrims then go back to Mecca to carry out tawaf al-ifada.

6- Pilgrims carrying out hajj tamattu’ are to carry out sa’ y which is a required action of hajj. The sa’y they have actually formerly carried out is counted from amongst the rites of ‘umrah which they had actually carried out prior to hajj.

7- Pilgrims carrying out hajj ifrad or qiran do not make sa’y if they had actually currently performed it with tawaf al-qudum. This is since a single sa’y is enough for both hajj ifrad and qiran.

8- At-tahallul al-akbar or at-tahallul ath-thani (complete release from ihram) is achieved after pilgrims on hajj tamattu’, qiran or ifrad make tawaf al-ifada, rendering allowable all the important things that were made illegal by ihram.

9- Pilgrims then go back to Mina on 10th Dhul-Hijjah to invest the night there.

Ihram is the very first rite for both hajj and ‘umrah. Pilgrims go into ihram from its temporal and spatial miqats (designated locations and times from where and when pilgrims presume ihram) in the proposed way (see listed below). A pilgrim then goes into Mecca whereupon, a pilgrim on Umrah packages including flights the required tawaf which includes 7 rounds, each starting from the Black Stone. Throughout circumambulation, the Ka’ bah needs to be to the pilgrim’s left. Whenever he goes by the Black Stone, he kisses it (if possible) or indicate its instructions while making takbir. Going in between as-Safa and Al-Marwa installs 7 times. When a pilgrim on ‘umrah surfaces his sa’ y, he is to shave or reduce his hair (males just) and release himself from ihram.

These are the rites of ‘umrah.

Ihram for hajj is of 3 kinds:

– Ifrad

A pilgrim on hajj ifrad (a mufrid) presumes ihram for hajj just. It is advised, and not required, for a mufrid to massacre a hady.

– Qiran

A pilgrim on hajj qiran (a qarin) presumes ihram for ‘umrah and hajj at the same time. An individual might get in ihram for hajj prior to carrying out the tawaf related to ‘umrah, this being throughout the months of hajj. The actions of both ‘umrah and hajj are included; their miqats and rites are the same. A qarin who is a non-resident of Mecca, need to massacre a hady. Presuming ihram for hajj and consequently getting in ihram for ‘umrah, renders a pilgrim’s ihram for ‘umrah void.

– Tamattu’

A pilgrim on hajj tamattu’ (a mutamatti’) presumes ihram for ‘umrah throughout the months of hajj from the miqat for his nation. He goes into Mecca, carries out the routines of ‘umrah and after that totally launches himself from his ihram, releasing him from the constraints particular to ihram; he then gets in ihram for hajj from Mecca. A non-resident of Mecca needs to massacre a hady supplied he does not go back to his nation after his ‘umrah and prior to his hajj. A mutamatti’ is to reduce his hair, release himself from ihram and await the day of tarwiyah (8th Dhul-Hijjah). In such matters as when there is a distinction of academic viewpoint, it is acceptable for an individual to follow any of these viewpoints. If he follows the one that is simplest for him, he saves his energy to carry out the rites in an ideal way with cheap umrah packages.

The day of tarwiyah (8th Dhul-Hijjah).

1- On the day of tarwiyah, a mutamatti’ returns to ihram for hajj.

2- Pilgrims on all types of hajj, tamattu’, qiran or ifrad leave for Mina where they carry out dhuhr (twelve noon) prayer and invest the night there till they carry out fajr (dawn) the following day.

The day of ‘Arafat (9th Dhul-Hijjah).

1- At the dawn of the day of ‘Arafat, pilgrims go to a location called Namira and stay there till dhuhr prayer. They sign up with the dhuhr and ‘asr (mid-afternoon) prayer at the time of dhuhr.

2- They then continue to wait for Jabal ar-Rahmah (the Mountain of Mercy) at ‘Arafat (or any other location at ‘Arafat) and stay there up until sundown.

3- Pilgrims leave ‘Arafat after sundown for Muzdalifa where they hope maghrib (sundown) and ‘isha (night) prayers at the time of ‘isha.

4- Pilgrims invest the night at Muzdalifa till they carry out the fajr prayer on 10th Dhul-Hijjah which is called yawm an-Nahr (the day of sacrifice).


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