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Tips for Keeping Your Staff Healthy During Flu Season 2022-2023

Tips for Keeping Your Staff Healthy During Flu Season 2022-2023

There is a great deal of concern over just how bad flu season will be this year and as we are already in the midst of what appears to be an active season, many businesses are worried about staffing shortages if influenza should reach epidemic proportions. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world that is already happening, but you can take preventative measures to keep it from getting any worse than it is with.

1. Recommend Getting Vaccinated

Most physicians began giving flu vaccinations in early October, but it really isn’t too late to get vaccinated if you haven’t already done so. Some clinics still have vaccines on hand, so if your workers haven’t been vaccinated, you can suggest they do so before they contract one of this year’s strains that are going around.

2. Don’t Go to Work Sick

While many bosses are recommending that their staff once again wear PPE Equipment such as face masks, they can’t very well insist on doing so without rather unpleasant repercussions. However, if you have noticed that more than a couple of people have missed days with flu or cold-like symptoms, you might have a staff meeting to see what the consensus is.

Most people, if presented with the fact that a few of their co-workers have missed days due to flu-like symptoms and elevated temperatures, might readily agree to take preventative measures. In fact, make a ‘democratic’ decision on whether or not to make a ‘company policy’ to wear PPE while sickness is making the rounds. After a few years of covid, your team may readily agree to wear protective equipment.

3. Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

Another thing you might want to try is to suggest healthier lifestyles, beginning right here at their place of employment. If there’s a cafeteria on the premises, order in juices high in vitamin C. Perhaps you could also start serving fresh fruits instead of cakes and pies at the cafeteria. Maybe you could contract a nutritionist to come in for a staff meeting, which the whole company could attend.

We tend to assume that most people know the value of good nutrition, but many aren’t aware of how some of their eating styles are actually exacerbating flu-like symptoms rather than relieving them. Believe it or not, some of the foods that are healthiest for us when we are well can make cold and flu symptoms worse!

4. Handwashing and Hand Sanitisers

Also, encourage your staff to wash their hands more often than usual and provide hand sanitizers at key places around the premises. Sanitizing wipes should be available for all phones and do encourage your staff not to talk on phones other than the one at their own desk. You would be surprised at just how easy it is to spread colds and influenza by failing to follow just a few simple rules.

Although everyone would like an extra day or two off to enjoy a bit of R&R, there is no way to do that if they are sick! In other words, what fun is it to stay home with a high fever and an inability to breathe easily? Get them involved in planning preventions and watch how quickly they embrace the idea. It’s still not too late, so get them onboard today!


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