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5 Tips When Decorating Your Home with Photo Prints

Tips When Decorating Your Home with Photo Prints

The aesthetics of a home often mirror the tastes, memories, and passions of its owner. One of the most personal and evocative ways to achieve this reflection is through decorating with personalised photo prints. Whether it’s a snapshot of a fond memory or a portrait of a loved one, photo prints can bring your home’s walls to life in a way that few other decor elements can.

However, when you’re considering printing for wall art, there are some essential guidelines to bear in mind. Let’s delve into five crucial tips that will elevate your interior decoration game.

1.   Choose the Right Image For the Job

Before you start hanging up your photo prints, it’s important that you choose the right image for the room. Your image choice lays the foundation for the impact of your wall art, so it’s important that it fits in.

An emotional connection to your chosen image is paramount, as this image will always have more value and relevance than a generic image. It’s also important to remember that not every image suits every room, so keep this in mind. Also, think about the colours of your images and whether they work well in your chosen room’s colour palette.

2.   Perfect Your Layout

A thoughtful picture layout is vital in determining the overall aesthetic and balance of your display. To create a thoughtful layout, you should firstly consider spacing. Ensure that there’s a balanced space between each of your photo prints if you’re opting for more than one.

As a general rule, also, you should hang your chosen photo print at eye level; this way, it will always be the centrepiece of the room.

If you’re creating a photo wall or grouping images, they should always be cohesive in some way or another. This could be through a common theme, colour scheme, or frame style.

3.   Decide on Your Frames

A photo frame does more than hold a picture; it accentuates and preserves it. Your chosen photo frame should enhance the image, not overshadow it. To make sure this doesn’t happen, opt for colours and styles that compliment your photo.

If you’re displaying multiple images, maintaining consistency in framing can produce a harmonious look to the room. This doesn’t mean every frame has to be identical, but they should be in harmony with one another, whether this be the same style and different colours, or different styles and the ame colours.

While you can hang your prints as they are, a good frame and glass will protect your precious photo prints from dust, light, and other damaging factors.

If you’re displaying multiple images, maintaining consistency in framing can produce a harmonious look.

4.   Check the Quality of Your Images

Size can amplify beauty, but it can also magnify flaws. When you’re opting for larger photo prints, ensure the resolution is high enough to prevent pixelation or blurriness.

Remember – an image that looks good on a phone screen might not look as sharp when enlarged. Always check with your photo printer and try and take a look at an image preview before it gets sent off for printing to avoid this.

5.   Pick Your Theme

A theme brings harmony and tells a deeper story through your images. Think of your wall as a canvas narrating your story. This story could be your travels, family growth, or even an exploration of a particular colour or mood.

There’s so much you can do with a theme — and photo prints are so versatile that you can display them in any way you want. It’s your creative vision — no one else’s!

Make your space your own with photo prints

Decorating your space with photo prints is an art in itself. The images you choose, how you display them, and the stories they weave together create a unique narrative that showcases who you are, so it’s important to get it right.


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