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Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Son

best christmas gift ideas

Do you have any idea what kind of gift your son wants this year for Christmas?  We have a list of the top best Christmas gift ideas that you can get for your son here.  If your son has been a good this year then he deserves to get the best gift for him.  Depending on the age of your son we are positive that you will find something in the list we’ve created in this review.  We have listed all types of different gift ideas for sons that are all ages from toddlers to teenagers to adults.

If your son has special interests in hobbies such as sports, the outdoors, video games, toys, movies, music, and everything else then we listed the top rated gifts that you can find.  You can find all the gifts below are from Amazon.com because we believe that shopping online from Amazon is the best way to go.  We highly recommend using Amazon.com because it is safe and secure and you can order online from their site and have your items shipped to any address you specify.  The idea of shopping online is preferred among most consumers because it helps to avoid the craziness of the crowded and busy stores that you typically see around Christmas time.  So relax and sit back and enjoy checking out our list of the best Christmas gift ideas that you can get for your son!Image result for Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Son

To make it easier for readers to look for the right gift we have categorized the gifts into age categories starting with gifts for younger sons on top and gifts for older sons towards the bottom.  Of course there will be gift ideas that suit nearly all ages but that will be somewhere in the middle.  We hope this helps your reading and shopping experience with us.

Toys For The Younger Ones At Christmas

We said that we would categorize these great gift ideas from gifts for the younger ones to gifts to the older ones.  Let’s start off our Christmas gift list with toys you can get for the younger boys.  These toys are best suited for the younger crowd because they are safe and help the little ones engage in many hours of fun activities.  Below is a list of the most top rated best toys you can get for your younger little ones for this Christmas.

LEGOS Always Make a Great Gift For Christmas

If your son likes to build things or play with toys then legos would make the perfect gift idea for your son.  LEGO has combined with Star Wars and other brand names to create some of the most creative and best lego toys that anyone could own.  The one thing about LEGO is that they are collectible, fun, and engaging.  If your son is younger then 5 years old then we recommend getting the bigger style set of legos for him.  Below is a list of the top best lego toys you can find online.

Action Figures And Collectibles Are Great Gifts For Christmas

If your son is the type who has a wild imagination then he must also like to play with toys and action figures.  These types of gifts can be appropriate to a large age group.  Some boys like to play with their toys and action figures and some boys like to collect them to put on display.  Toys and action figures are becoming more advanced and sophisticated these days that they are capable of having many cool functions that will entertain your son for hours.  Some of the best and most popular toys this year are Captain America, Thor, Batman, and more.

Star Wars Toys Are a Great Gift Idea For Your Son

You know that Star Wars has been around for a long time and the fans of this franchise just keeps growing and growing.  There are so many Star Wars toys to choose from that it would take forever to figure out which toy to get for your son.  Since Star Wars is such a huge name we know that most boys from all ages are fans of this franchise.  The thing with Star Wars is that it is directed towards all different types of ages of fans.  We mentioned earlier about the available Star Wars Lego sets above but below is a list of some of the top best rated Star Wars toys and action figures that you can find online for Christmas this year.

Transformer Toys Are Always a Great Gift Idea For Christmas

If you were once a kid that played with toys back in the day then you know that Transformers were a favorite toy for most kids to play with.  Transformer toys have been around for many decades and the newly released Transformer toys are amazingly well built and intricate.  Most of the newer Transformer toys are based off the recent Transformer Movies that were released by Micheal Bay.  And these toys are highly detailed and intricate where there are hundreds of moving parts.  If you have a son between the ages of 5 and 13 then getting one of these awesome Transformer toys would make the perfect gift idea for him.

Board Games and Trivia Games Make Great Christmas Gift Ideas

Getting your son a board game or a trivia game is a great gift idea because it will allow him to engage in fun activities with his friends and his family.  The best part of having a good board game is that the lasting appeal is there.  The experience will always be different no matter how many times you play these games or who you play these games with.

Star Telescopes Are a Great Gift Idea For Your Son

Does your son ever look up at the sky and becomes fascinated with the stars?  We know that young children has a wild imagination and are curious to know whats out there.  Owning a telescope allows for your son to look deeper into the stars and gives him a closer look at what is out there in the magnificent universe.  Also you can share the experience of star gazing with your son by helping him find certain stars and destinations.  Imagine discovering a new star with just you and your son and given that star its own name.  Moments like that are priceless and precious.  Getting your son a telescope this year may be the most unique gift idea that you can have for Christmas.

Video Game Consoles Are Perfect Christmas Gifts For Christmas

Getting a video game console would make the perfect gift idea for your son this year for Christmas.  The top best rated video game systems are Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii.  The PlayStation 3 has a built in blu-ray disc player which is great for anyone who owns a HDTV and wants to watch blu-ray movies.  Also the Playstation 3 has the Playstation Move which is similar to the motion function that Nintendo Wii has.  The Xbox 360 now has a new slim version.  The Xbox 360 can come in bundle packages that can include the Kinect which is an advanced motion function that uses a high tech camera to capture your body motions to play and interact with certain video games.  And of course there is the Nintendo Wii which is the most sold video game console in the entire world!  The Nintendo Wii has a huge variety of games to choose from and you can play using motion sensor controllers.  All 3 video game consoles come in different bundle packages that include different games and equipment or if you want to spend a little less you can order the core console versions.

Most Popular Video Game Titles to Get This Year

If you decide to get a video game console for someone or if you know that person already has a certain video game console then you might want to look at the top best rated video game titles this year.  It happens every year that around the holiday season the most popular top rated video game titles are released right before the holiday.  This year the most popular video game titles you can choose from but not limited to are Gears of War 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Batman Arkham City, Assassins Creed Revelations, Battlefield 3, and more!  Most of the games are released on more then one video game console but we can’t show them all here at once.

Blu-ray Discs and DVDs Movies are Great Christmas Gift Ideas

With the recent technological step towards blu-ray discs and blu-ray players, watching movies has never been so perfect until now.  The picture and image is so crystal clear that you almost believe that you are right there in the scene of a movie.  We mentioned before that owning a Playstation 3 has a built-in blu-ray player.  But, now a days you can get a blu-ray player for under $150 dollars.  There are many popular titles released this year on time for the holidays such as Harry Potter, Captain America, Thor, Star Wars Collection sets, Lord of the Rings Collection sets, Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  And for the younger crowd there are many great animated films such as Cars 2, Rango, Kung Fu Panda 2, Rio, and more! And don’t forget that you can get most of these movies in 3D format that includes 4 discs so you can watch them on 3D blu ray, blu ray, DVD, and digital copy.

We hope that you have a great shopping experience and a wonderful holiday. Don’t forget to buy the best Christmas light projectors for your outdoor decoration. These Projectors are very easy to use and install.


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