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Top 11 Tips for Salon Receptionist Desk Ideas.


The front reception counter is the lifeblood of the salon. providing essential guest interaction and increasing revenue potential. I can’t resist sound into salons and spas once I’m passing – i prefer to try to to a touch of mystery searching.

Would I even have been balled over by your friendly, useful and arranged reception team? Or are you inside wormy at the thought of a surprise visit to your front table? Therefore, the syllabic secretarial assistant United Nations agency (failed) to greet me?

Receptionists is seen as an upscale luxury to Pine Tree State. they’re one amongst your most useful salon selling tools.

Investing in your reception team will:

  • Help you attract new customers.
  • improve your customers loyalty.
  • increase in average sales.
  • boost retail sales.

Here are my prime fifteen sensible tips and concepts for receptionists – simply bear in mind. like all salon selling, consistency is essential.

salon reception desk
salon reception counter

1. Warm Smile and greeting to salon customers

Don’t flip or leave, acquire the phone or begin chatting to a colleague as a customer walks up to the front table. it’s off hand and your job as salon secretarial assistant is to create a wonderful initial impression.  Instead, stop what you are doing now ,and in return, you  provide them a real smile and greet them.

2.Don’t ingnoure a customer standing at the front table

If You are reprehension a customer in reception and therefore the phone rings. What to do ? Do not suddenly leave the customer and answer the phone. You can tempt it because it is that if solely to prevent the incessant ring.

Just bear in mind the customer standing ahead of you takes priority over somebody United Nations agency calls on the phone. Let the phone attend voice mail then ring the caller straight back as shortly. because the customer leaves the salon.

3.Don’t ignore customers simply because reception is busy

Talking with a customer once somebody walks in? Acknowledge each client instantly as they go in through the door. A sweet smile, simple nod then said i ‘ll be with you shortly. please take a seat” works best. Ignoring AN ever growing queue of individuals simply makes them wordlessly fume and that they begin their hair or nail clipping feeling irritated.

4.Never discuss salon customers ahead of others

Oh thus tempting because it is to rant to a colleague or share some gossip, keep it for later once you’re off the salon floor. Not solely is it unskilled however those customers United Nations agency hear can surprise what you say behind their back.

5.Positive visual communication at the front table

Make regular eye contact to indicate you’re interested and sincere. Keeps arms open. Your head. And smile.

You’ll realize additional visual communication tips and concepts for your salon team here. and here’s a helpful short video on mistreatment your hands to speak cooperation, sincerity and responsibility. each build a perfect base for a reception team coaching session.

6.Use their name for a long-lasting impression

Use your client’s name, significantly at the beginning and shut of the meet and greet. we tend to love the sound of our name and react well thereto. however don’t exaggerate it because it shortly becomes chintzy and false.

7.Help customers perceive your salon systems

Many receptionists act because the salon organizer . and manage the team’s work flow and therefore the client’s journey from booking to paying. it’s essential you perceive all the business systems thus you’ll be able to justify ‘what, why. and where’ to usually sceptical customers.

Allergy skin testing could be a excellent example. many consumers see it as AN supererogatory visit. a whole task. A well-trained secretarial assistant understands why a take a look at is critical for the customer’s well-being (and your salon insurance) . and might justify the advantages whereas creating it as straightforward as doable for the client to get in.

8. economical booking: Receptionists sell time

Avoid random fifteen minute gaps between appointments and guarantee they butt up against one another. If a customer asks for eleven.30am and therefore the previous appointment finishes at eleven.15am then gently however firmly manoeuvre the customer into taking the eleven.15am start.

In this journal I justify however your salon organizer or secretarial assistant will lose £12,480 salon turnover per annum – all for a few fifteen minute gaps.

9. supply a sincere compliment

We all love a real compliment. although their new ‘do or nail color isn’t to your feeling attempt to realize one thing that you simply like – their purse, coat, lippy… it’s not exhausting.

Sincerity is everything once it involves giving compliments . and this is often wherever your visual communication awareness comes in. If your lips are speech one factor simply check your posture, countenance. and arms aren’t delivering a unique silent message.

10. Phone rule for hair & beauty receptionists

Answer calls quickly, ideally by the third ring, and keep a note pad handy for phone numbers, names and email addresses for those occasions once you can’t access your salon software package.

Your customer on the phone is that the priority. have to be compelled to leave the caller to visualize one thing for them? place them on hold while not asking. merely say, “Would you mind holding a moment?” and continuously impart the caller for holding once you come back.

11, Your team goals and rewards.

Lack of motivation, focus, follow-through. And self-accountability from front table team members will simply be remedied by provision them a monthly goal and reward program supported performance in 5 main areas.

Monthly bonuses are paid per target achieved by every front table skilled. The system provides a possible bonus up to $100 per front table team member every month. Hourly raises are achieved once the front table skilled achieves 5 targets per month, for 5 months throughout a 12-month amount.

And finally individuals will hear you smile. Therefore, In spite of what proportion your feet ache or the last customer irritated , Just bear in mind. like all salon selling, consistency is essential. Moreover, to produce a listing of reception tips. and pin it (discreetly) within your front recepion desk to assist your group to win their game.


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