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Top 5 Reasons to Study in Canada for Indian Students

Top 5 Reasons to Study in Canada for Indian Students


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Canada is among the few nations across the globe that imparts world-class education, that too, at reasonable tuition fees. The academic degrees that they offer are highly respected and recognized around the world. Not only this. Apart from this, any international student who goes to Canada to pursue higher studies, enjoy high-quality life. If he is deserving enough, he will end up getting a top salaried job at the end of his education. The immigration processes, too, are hassle-free. It sounds like a dream, isn’t it! But this can be your reality also.

Let’s have a look at the top five reasons as to why you should study in Canada:

Top-notch educational facilities:

Canada is the favorite among Students because of the world-class level of education that the country imparts to all the students. Canadian University offers degrees that hold immense value all over the world. They serve as the mark of excellence and trust. 26 Canadian universities got a position in the prestigious “QS World University Rankings.”  Also, 27 of the Canadian Universities are ranked in the respectable “World University Rankings 2019”. Now, don’t you want to be a part of these prestigious universities?

Affordable education fees:

If we compare the tuition fees of Canadian Universities to those of US universities and UK universities, then we will realize that studying in Canada is a much cheaper option. Also, there are several scholarships offered by Universities. If you pass the tests and are eligible, then soon, you will be entitled to the awards. This will further cut down the cost of your higher studies in Canada. Hence, Indian students find it quite a viable option to study in Canada.

A plethora of opportunities for research work:

Canadian education has always emphasized on the significance of research and development. So, if you are a research scholar, then without any doubt, you can move to Canada to pursue further studies there. The Canadian government offers adequate support to the research students who belong to the field of medicine, agriculture, telecommunication, environmental Science, and Technology.

Opportunity to earn while you are still learning:

Canada has a very student-friendly regulation. It allows all the international students to work up to twenty hours per week. They can do so during their on-going semesters. And they are free to work full time during the winter and summer breaks. The good news is that you will not require any work permit to work as an intern. All you need is your study permit, and you are good to go.

Extremely vibrant campus life:

Canadian campuses are world-famous for their fests, events, and other activities that take place all through the year. You will enjoy the joyful and exciting ambiance and also get to know people and make new friends. If you are already jumping in excitement to move to Canada for higher studies, then choose the right consultants for Canadian Student Visa in Chandigarh so that one can study and make preparations accordingly. All the best for a great life ahead!


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