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Top 6 essential pre-requisites to car rental


Renting a car for vacation makes sense as it saves you money on taxi rides. Meanwhile, you can enjoy commuting to various places and enjoy the trip personally; no pester from public transport. However if you’re chartering a car for the first time, things may seem overwhelming no matter how much of a veteran traveler you are. Here’s what you should keep in mind while picking the vehicle from rental agency.

1. Use a credit card

It’s best to use a credit card when you’re out selecting a set of wheels. Though you can use a debit cards as well, some rental companies check credit scores to ensure you’ve sufficient finance to pay for the car. Remember, a few agencies hold back some funds from the card unless you’re done with the vehicle. Don’t even think of using a pre-paid credit card as most automobile rental companies won’t accept them.

2. Young drivers, more charges

You are 23-year-old son may have an exceptional driving record but vehicle rental companies don’t care about that. They only care about the safety and liability of their goods. If you’re under 25, expect a daily fee to be charged against young drivers daily; irrespective of whether you’re on a family trip.

3. Limit drivers to a minimum

It doesn’t matter how many driving companions you have in one car, don’t disclose or else each may be charged separately. Meanwhile, when you rent a car in Doha, Qatar; rental companies prefer only a single driver for both, personal and vehicle safety. Driving laws in Qatar are quite strict so you better adhere to them and avoid inconvenience or surcharge. If you’re traveling a long distance, a limit the number of drivers to only two.

4. Drive on paved roads only

Though it may sound obvious but most drivers simply overlook the factor and play hasty. Not many rental agencies like or care about taking the car off-track and it’s not limited only to mud running. For instance, you may feel like darting the vehicle amidst the shore like some Hollywood stunt but doing so would violate the agreement and you’ll end up paying a heavy fine.

Failing to compensate may even compromise your driver’s license or a few days or months behind bars in worse cases. Always drive on smooth roads, follow the laws and don’t speed up even on the highway because accidents are quite common. With car hire at Doha airport, for instance, all the laws and relevant clauses are outlined in the agreement so you better read carefully before taking initials.

5. Fuel-up before returning back

So you’ve had one heck of a vacation but it’s finally time to return the car and head home! Should you refill the fuel tank or return it empty? You’re free to do both but an empty fuel tank at the time of return means you should be ready to pay around $8 per gallon. That’ll probably leave you empty-handed so better spare 10 minutes to top-off the tank before turning the car back at the agency.

6. Come loaded with your own extras

Sometimes, you need more than just a car and here’s when car rental companies come to the rescue, ensuring you enjoy the trip. You may feel like having a GPS system in the car, perhaps a compact screen with high-resolution DVD player and more. Of-course, car rental companies are more than happy to facilitate with this because they’ll charge a heavy fee. This is the reason you should bring in the extras yourself and save some dough for the trip.


Now, every time you rent a car, do remember the essential pre-requisites and make it a successful bargain all along.


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