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Top Features To Add In A Shopping App

Add In A Shopping App

The significance of developing a mobile app is noted from the fact that in the year 2018, a vast majority of online shopping was made from a smartphone. Moreover, over a million buyers signed in from their tablets. These statistics are undeniable prove that apps do have a lot of importance and that one must look forward to creating one.

By having a mobile app your business gets boosted to an advanced level. You tool a progressive step to bringing your customers closer to the brand and to give them a safe platform to get connected with your services and products.

You must now be looking for ways through which you can create an app so here is a long list of tips that will surely help you out. Care to give it a read.

Search Bar

The most important feature in a shopping app is the search bar. Almost every user type in the search query to reach to the product he is looking for. The next step to take the search bar to an advanced level is to add the filters. You can add price filter, category filter, and color filters. Choose the most suitable filters to keep your audience engaged and to make their shopping experience easy and convenient.

Online Payment Gateways

You have to provide your users with multiple online payment gateways. Add the option to pay by a credit card, Payoneer account, or online portals like PayPal. You must not get region-specific as people from any part of the world might be ordering stuff and paying on your app. So, be diverse and convenient. If you know the attributes of the Amazon shopping app you will find out that the app is perfect to indulge in online shopping. It facilitates its users with a bundle of features including multiple gateways. So, if you want to know about how to create an app like Amazon you have to ponder on this tip.

Shopping Cart

Do you how you can build the most convenient and responsive shopping cart? Well, you have to think about the feature you would prefer as a user. The developer has to put himself in the shoes of the target audience if he wants to understand the things that can please his users. The cart must be transparent. It should show each item with its respective price tag clearly in a different tab. You have to make sure that the cart is visible at any side at the time the users are shopping so that they know about the number of items they have already put in it.

Push Notification

Keeping your users updated about the app activities is important and when it comes to online business, you need to stay consistent. You have to keep your customers involved in your app all the time or at least most of the time if you want to bring out possible outcomes. Through notifications, you can tell about the discount and packages. You can share the details about deals and gift packages on the latest items. It will be an easy way to keep them indulged in your app.

Social Media Integration

The next most important thing is social media integration. You cannot discount any of your branding asset from social media platforms. By linking them with the renowned platforms or at least giving an option to the users to get connected, you can boost the reach and online visibility of your app. You can link the app with any platform whether it be Facebook or Instagram.


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