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Top Neurosurgeons in Bangalore


Who is a Neurosurgeon

A neurosurgeon is a medicinal master who treats sicknesses and conditions influencing the sensory system, which incorporates the cerebrum, the spine and spinal rope, and the fringe nerves. Neurosurgeons give non-usable and careful treatment to patients all things considered-Neurosurgeons in Bangalore. 

Today, most neurosurgeons perform more spine than cerebrum medical procedures. A few neurosurgeons work in explicit sorts of spinal issues, for example, cervical (neck) and lumbar (low back) scatters, spinal rope damage, or by age gathering. Pediatric neurosurgeons treat new-born children and youngsters, while different neurosurgeons have some expertise in clutters influencing grown-ups.

What do the neurosurgeons do?

Neurosurgeons are the doctors who are responsible for treating any disorder pertaining to the brain. It also might be connected to the nervous system of the body. Neurosurgeons are associated with counteracting, diagnosing and treating issue of the cerebrum, spine and nerves.

They additionally treat and oversee conditions that influence the progression of blood to the mind. Just as performing tasks, they might be engaged with an individual’s restoration after treatment. Also check the list of Neurosurgeons in Bangalore.

Regular reasons why individuals need neurosurgery include: 

  • strokes or seeping on the mind (cerebral aneurysms) 
  • kind-hearted or carcinogenic mind and spinal tumours 
  • spinal conditions, for example, fastened spinal strings, herniated plates and osteoarthritis 
  • head, neck or spine wounds 
  • seizures, epilepsy and development issue 
  • neurological issue, for example, Parkinson’s sickness 
  • specific sorts of ceaseless agony

Where do the Neurosurgeons work

Neurosurgeons basically work at both private and Public hospitals. They may even have their clinic where they can see the patients. They have a team of theirs which supervise any sort of matter pertaining to the brain disorder.

The cost vary according to the services attained by the individual and further it differs according to the neurologists and the experience that they have. In the field of neurology.

If the neurologist works in the private hospital then the cost will massively differ from the neurologist working in the public hospital. For public hospitals sometimes the cost turns out to be free. 

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Top Neurosurgeons of Bangalore

The city is self- sufficient in itself. It contains all that it needs. It is one of the technologically and medically advanced cities of the country. As far as the neurosurgeons are concerned (Neurosurgeons in Bangalore), it comprises of some of the best neurosurgeons of the country and they are as following

  • Dr Arjun Srivastav– With an experience of over 28 years, he is one of the most renowned neurosurgeons of the country, He has performed over 7500 surgeries. Further, as mentioned earlier Bangalore as grown in technology and it comprises of the technology which is counted at par with that of the world technologies. Thus, Dr. Arjun Srivatsa has great expertise in all forms of technology ranging from that of the artificial disc replacement to endoscopic disc surgery.
  • Dr. Sridhar R– He has an experience of over 16 years and has been working as a neurosurgeon since 2003. He has a wide range of specialization ranging from Surgery of facial nerve, Lumbar Puncture, Brain Tumour Surgery, Epilepsy surgery among other services that is provided. He is one of the most renowned neurosurgeons of the country
  • Dr. Paritosh Pandey– He is one of the most famous neurosurgeons of the country and has an experience of over 19 years. He works as a neurosurgeon at Manipal Hospital. 
  • Dr. H V Satish Babu– He is one of the most famous and known neurosurgeons of the country. He is a medical practitioner at Silver Line Diagnostics and he owns a clinic of his own. He has an experience of over 28 years. If you have any trouble pertaining to the brain then he is the best neurosurgeon, visit him without any hesitation
  • Dr. Ravi Gopal Verma– He is a renowned Neurosurgeon of the Bangalore city. With an experience of over 22 years, he is considered to be one of the best neurosurgeons of the country.

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