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Travel Diaries: Attractive Features of Puntland, Somalia


Africa is famous for its conjured land and tribes, right? What can be more exotic than a continent full of mysterious species, which remain unknown to the world even now and the exotic travelling experience like any other place? Just imagine if it can congest a country like Morocco, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia etc. what else shall be hidden in its pocket?

If you are a keen traveller, you will see the positive aspect of every destination you travel to. They say, Might is Right. I say the more you travel the more rightful judgment you can have. After all, each experience counts.

A Run Down at Somalia

Popular as Horn of Africa, Somalia is a peninsula country in the most eastern part of Arica. True to its geographical location it suffices to say the country’s climate and atmosphere mildly range from hot summers to mild and cool winters. But it still doesn’t dim the challenge it places for travellers.

Did you know that according to research, 14million people were living in Somalia by 2016? It is a huge number for a country like Somalia where travel destinations are picky and you have to be more than a hundred percent sure to even make your travel arrangements. But travelers are in luck because as it turns out you can easily book a cheap flight to Garowe, the capital of Puntland! So that’s a bonus for all.

Vivid View of Puntland

Puntland, a northeastern region of Somalia has its fair share of historic reviews. With the local dynasties ruling the area from one generation to the next, Puntland is now known more as an autonomous region in Somalia.

Like any other state, Puntland has its origin tracing back to ancient Egyptian sources. The name “Puntland” itself is derived from Land of Punt but its root meaning is yet to be deciphered in modern language. When you travel around the globe you are prone to many sightseeing features of the land. Some are awe-inspiring while some may not be as breathtakingly beautiful but has a genuine character to them. Puntland features such genuine landscapes that automatically grasp the attention of travelers. And a true nomad at heart will warm up to the destination despite its dim-witted state even;

  • Coastline of Puntland

Bless Mother Nature; to the west is the Gulf of Aden right to the northern tip, which indicates towards a coastline! You won’t be disappointed when you visit the rich coastline with an abundance of fish and other natural marine life co-existing amidst otherworldly chaos.

But what makes this coastline desirable is its natural state. So when you do visit make sure to capture lots of pictures! If you are brave enough to plan a trip to Somalia then it’s a total worth it. You can get to enjoy and even learn snorkeling and diving. Who doesn’t love water fun in the summer heat?

Home to unique species such as long-tail tuna, bonito, yellowfin tuna etc. you can taste some of the delicious seafood at the beach cafes or a local fish barbeque. Sounds fun? Yes, it is!

  • Double-edged landscape

Consider the rugged landscape of Puntland as a double-edged sword, while one side is all about marine life but the more you move inland the landscape varies massively. The continental part of the state is all about various shades of landscapes, some greener than others and some drier. But the fact remains (and a good one) that natural state remains undisturbed till now. While you are out and about on your inland tour, make sure to be in contact with the local police (just a precautionary measure).

Due to the lack of tourists (which is a shame), you might feel it weird to go around the main city but even an evening walk at the beach is relaxing. You get to meet all types of people here and they have to share some mouth gaping tales from their adventurous traveling around the country.

  • Inland culture

Okay, the first thing to remember is to respect every country regardless of any cultural differences you might face. When you are booking cheap flights to Garowe (the capital of Puntland) make sure to address the culture beforehand.

With Islam as a dominant religion, as a tourist, you will get to experience loads of cultural varieties at every corner. Men and women, both, are expected to dress modestly (sorry guys not topless traveling here). According to traditional attire, women are seen wearing djellabas (foot length gowns) sometimes plain or on special occasions while the neckline is embroidered with a traditional cut.  So as a traveler make sure to carry a suitable wardrobe for your trip.

Another tip to remember is to cover your tattoos! Yes, it might seem a lot to ask but in some cultures, tattoos are looked down upon. To avoid any inconvenience it’s best to cover up.

  • Delectable food and drinks

For the love of food and spices, Somalia outruns every other place. From koftas to curry and salads, from Italian to Arabian, Persian or Indian, recipes are full-fledged parts of the menu. So if you are worried about what you will be eating for the day, don’t be.

Traditional salty crepes are part of the major breakfast menu and guess what? It is served with various ensembles of salsa, boneless meat and such. Food is delectable and so is the Somalian tea made with camel milk! It might get some experimental sips to get used to the flavor (just so you know camel milk is a tad bit salty) and you will like the hot beverage served with traditional crepes at breakfast. And don’t forget about the seafood! With the Gulf of Aden as the support for marine life, your taste buds will go into overdrive with the unique combo of flavors.

Keep thinking about the unique features unless….

You have booked your cheap flight for Garowe, and if not then you ought to do it now because why delay an adventurous trip when you can count the attractive features with a first-hand experience?!


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