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What Are The Services Exempted From GST?


Knowing about the taxability is important, and it is essential to know whether a particular item does exempt or else not exempt under GST. With this range of taxable stocks being extended under GST, which is clearly defined.

Well, not only understand about this exemption list which is part of GST but also important to know about the implication regarding the item that is exempt remains important as some conditions are added to it, for example, reversing the ITC. 

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The government had been classified as specific goods & services being exempt from the GST.Some of the unlike services, including zero-rated goods & services that few business owners don’t require this ITC for their sale which are used to release the goods & services. 

Below you have the list of some exemptions have a look: 

Exempted goods:


Edible fruits, cereals, and vegetables, tubers and edible roots, meat and fish, tender coconut, tea leaves, jaggery, coffee beans, ginger, seeds, turmeric, papad, betel leaves, flour, lassi, curd, milk, buttermilk, supplements and aquatic feeds. 

Raw materials:

Silk waste, raw silk, wool, khadi fabric, and the cotton which is used for raw jute fibre, khadi yarn, charcoal, firewood, and handloom fabrics. 


The tools which are used for the purpose of agricultural, and musical instruments which are handmade, also aids including implements used through a physically challenged person. 


Maps, books, newspapers, journals, postal items, non-judicial stamps, live animals, human blood, beehives, semen, chalk sticks, bangles, contraceptives, earthen pots, props which are utilised in pooja like chalk sticks, idols, chalk sticks, kumkum, organic manure, kites, and vaccines etc. 

Exempted services:

Agricultural services:

This service includes the services that are related to some of the agriculture except that rearing about horses. The exempt services involve harvesting, cultivation, that they supply for the farm labour, packaging, fumigation, renting and leasing of some machinery tools for agricultural works, warehouse activities, including other services.

through any Agricultural Marketing Committee and Board that provided by one of the agents for sale and purchase of this agricultural produce. Make sure to utilize the taxation services in Hyderabad to avoid the issues that come with tax services.

Transportation services:

  • Transportation of some industrial goods through inland waterways.
  • Transportation service via road and bridge by paying toll; transportation of some goods through road.  
  • Transportation of the passengers via air to the other states like Meghalaya, Manipur, Assam, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Sikkim, and Bagdogra. 
  • Transportation of specific goods where individual gross price will is more limited than Rs. 1500. 

Few reasons why GST Exemption on Goods:

The government had decided to implement this GST exemption above the goods for the following things:

  • Some of the exemption from this GST is considered to be against the public interest.
  • The exemption remains approved by that GST council
  • Exemption on this supply of particular goods is made through an approved notification
  • In exceptional cases, the government might be grant exemption by special order


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