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What Can You Do After Completing Engineering?



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In the third and fourth year of engineering course, students start getting worried about what to do after completing the course. All you need is to grab some knowledge regarding these jobs. Having clarity about what you want to do in your life can help you in landing a successful career.


Jobs After Graduation

Most of the engineering student after studying in Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad opts for a job after completion of their course. Job opportunities are very good after engineering. Engineering colleges also offer various campus placement for their students. It is better to get a job during campus placements as it is challenging to get a job once you are out of college.

Higher Studies in Engineering (MTech/MS)

If you did not get a good job after college, there is always an option to go for higher education and increase the chances of getting a job. But it is usually seen that very few people are interested in higher education as investing in higher education returns long term benefits.

Many universities conduct their ance or admission test, but the most common exam for Masters in Technology (M.Tech) admission is through Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE) examination.

Several students also go for an M.S. degree from a foreign university. To pursue M.S., you should clear TOEFL/IELTS (English proficiency tests) and GRE to achieve scholarships. Nowadays, most of the international universities and colleges are offering postgraduate courses at affordable fees, and also various banks are providing student loans for higher studies.


Many students want to pursue an MBA after completing their engineering course. An MBA degree after engineering is very much considered as rewarding in terms of salary. Engineers with excellent technical skills get bored in some years as they will be doing the same jobs, and without a management exposure, they may be stuck in the loop for a long time.

A degree in MBA gives an aspirant more exposure and helps them in earning more in considerably less time. Also, most engineering students come from Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges along with Top B.Tech Colleges in India and doing an MBA degree from a reputed institute in India or abroad can add a lot to their resume.

In India, IIMs are considered as the most prestigious B-schools. They take admissions through Common Admission Test (CAT) which is conducted by IIMs.

Civil Services

Every Indian at one stage in their lives dreams of being an IAS officer as it is the most prestigious job and carries a lot of responsibility with it. It is the backbone of our country. Although corporate jobs may offer very tempting and best of salaries and other perks, a majority of engineering aspirants still look for entry to the Indian Civil Services held by the UPSC board.


This is the best option for those who have unique business ideas and also have the money to invest in their business. Entrepreneurship is a very recent venture everyone is doing, and you should also do it if you have an idea that would become a great business. But one should not get carried away to become successful and rich in a short span. It may eventually happen, but it is essential to consider this as a learning opportunity.

Many people who do not have wealthy family background should first join some job so that they can earn enough money to invest and take experience about how everything works in the corporate world. One should not start a startup only to impress someone or to become rich in very less time.

There are a lot of career opportunities that are available after engineering. All one needs to do is harness their talent and find a job that aligns with their interests. Always stay in touch with your seniors and friends as they can help you with a breakthrough to pursue your dream job.


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