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What is Mask aadhar card and how to download it?

Mask aadhar card

Masked Aadhar is a new feature provided by UIDAI – Unique Identification Authority of India which has been launched to secure your aadhar card. The intention behind the masked aadhar card is to prevent misuse of an aadhar card.

aadhar card

As you know, aadhar card is 12 Digits unique identification digits, which is issued to a resident of India. Today, more than 100 million people have an aadhar card and all the data of aadhar is maintained by UIDAI or Government of India.

So, keeping this data secure is the responsibility of UIDAI or government and as we know some previous cases, in which data of aadhar card was leaked by some hackers. For this security reason, UIDAI has launched Masked Aadhar card to make aadhar more and more secure.

Aadhar card is a compulory document in such places like in railway, to avail subsidy, in many government schemes, in banks and it’s used in many other places.

This aadhar card status is issued by UIDAI and the responsibility of security of an aadhar card is not less than a challenge for UIDAI or Government of India.

Therefore, the feature of masked aadhar has been launched by the UIDAI-Unique Identification Authority of India.

What is the Masked Aadhar card?

As name suggest, Mask Aadhaar card is an electronic aadhar, in which your Aadhaar number is masked in your downloaded Aadhaar card.masked-aadhar-card

In mask aadhar 12 digits aadhar number is not fully visible. You can see only the last 4 digits of an aadhar card. Other 8 digits of an aadhar card are not visible.

This is called Masked aadhar card, in which some digits of aadhar number is not visible. Other portion of aadhar card like QR Code, Name,  Photo, address nad other details are fully visible in Masked aadhar card. As well as you can check pan card status by this method.

You can download masked aadhar card also from UIDAI official site. This is important for security reason.

By this, you can make secure your aadhar card by downloading Masked aadhar card.

How to download Masked aadhar?

want to download mask aadhar card?
I will tell you the best method.
follow the step below to download it:

  • Visit UIDAI official site and click on the download aadhar link in First section “Get Aadhar”.
  • How do you want to download an aadhar card. You can download Aadhar card by 3 methods; Aadhar number, by Enrolment ID and by Virtual ID.aadhar card
  • Fill all details which asked and check the box “I want a masked Aadhar”.
  • Fill the captcha code and hit on “Send OTP” OR “Enter a TOTP” button and verify it.
  • Click on “download aadhar” and masked Aadhar card pdf will download to your computer.

By this method, you can download the Masked aadhar card easily.


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