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What Is The Difference Between IUI And IVF?


What is an IUI Procedure?

An IUI is a method in which sperm cells specifically are inserted into the womb to increase pregnancy chances. In order to stimulate the ovaries and prepare them for construction, a female partner needs to take either oral or injectable fertility medicines before an IUI can be given. 

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This is usually done by hopeful couples who are under IUI if their fertility problems are unclear or the male partner has reproduction issues.

The IUI could, for example, bypass sex and induce the female partner to increase the chance of a successful pregnancy with a good sperm sample, due to low sperm counts or bad health.

In reality, women aged 20 to 30 have approximately 20% pregnancy success rate with a combination of fertility drugs and a procedure with an IUI.

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If a female partner reaches this age range, the risk of pregnancy decreases considerably. Studies show that for the first time fertility treatments have been performed at a minimum of three IUI cycles. Even if each round does not offer a solution, the next best option can be an IVF treatment.

What is an IVF Procedure?

An in vitro (IVF) fertilization process is advanced, with several feminine eggs collected from the ovaries and fecundated in a controlled environment using a sperm sample to produce healthy embryos. Once ready for implantation, the embryos are returned to the uterus.

To order to stimulate multiple releasing of eggs and to improve the follicle, the female partners take various hormone drugs to increase the possibility of impregnation as soon as embryos have been inserted.

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All the treatment is done on the same day in a fertility center, and in case an IVF cycle fails, couples may choose to freeze any remaining embryos.

For couples facing infertility, IVF procedures have proved to be a highly effective choice.

In 2015, women under the age of 35 were more than 40 per cent pregnant and they had significant success rates of only 20 per cent at the beginning of 40 years. Furthermore, age only is one of the factors to be weighed if the odds of a successful IVF are to be determined.

Some problems of reproduction or health such as uterine fibroid, ovarian failure, or infertility history may prevent IVF treatment for both spouses. Furthermore, couples do not try other fertility choices, such as surrogacy or adoption, as the best option.

How do IUI & IVF Procedures Differ in Cost?

When the IUI and IVF prices of an individual cycle are compared, the total cost of the IVF is significantly higher than that of an IUI.

Reasons to Pursue IVF

For couples facing problems involving ovulation or unexplicit infertility, IUI can be a good starting point. But IUI may not be a couple’s most appropriate fertility treatment.

To partners facing the following conditions, IVF is typically recommended:

  • Severe infertility in male
  • Blocked Fallopian tubes in female
  • Lack of success using IUI procedure
  • Concern about passing on certain genetic disorders in both.

Pre-implantation genetic testing is an improved scientific process to be carried out prior to IVF. For those with genetic issues or who have had several IUI cycles or miscarriages, this can be beneficial.

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