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What Makes Austrian Clothing Special? Austria’s Sophisticated Culture


Austria is recognized for its picturesque and formal culture. The people there are believed to be conservative and have a very organized life and routine. Austria is known for its unforgettable culture in music and even their apparel and costumes. Austrians are well-known for their conservative culture since the time of the monarchy. This affected the Austrian clothing, making it quite elegant and royal from the rest. 

Austrians like every other culture, have their traditional outfits for both men and women. These can be spotted during fests and fashion shows. Some of the authentic pieces of their clothing still make a style statement despite the traditional touch to them. We can prove that they have preserved their culture even now. Let us study further about these traditional pieces of Austrian culture. You never know you might get a fashion inspiration today!

These are a few traditional outfits of Austrians that make it special:

1. Dirndl

Dirndl is the traditional attire of women in Austria since the 1870s. It was adopted by the upper-class women of  society. Slowly, it came into fashion. Dirndl consists of a skirt and bodice, a piece of cloth that is generally used by women to cover the upper body. It even consists of a pinafore or a frock and a blouse with puffed sleeves and apron. These long-established uniforms were commonly hand-printed or made with silk which made it quite expensive. On the other hand, the winter attire consists of a heavy warm skirt with thick woollen or linen long-sleeved blouses. Other than the tunics, the Austrian sweaters are equally famous for their beautiful hand-woven patterns.

2. Loden coats

Being more of a winter country, Austrian clothing culture holds traditional woollen attire for men too. No matter the time, some trends and piece of clothes are always in fashion like loden coat in Austria. Austrian loden jacket is a long-sleeved overcoat originated in the Alpine region, a major part of the Austrian clothing for men. It’s an unusual weaving process which provides it with the feature of regulating the temperature. These were adopted by the Alpine herdsmen to keep them warm and dry through cold wet winters. These coats have been evergreen as you will still find men wearing these during the icy weather in Austria. 

3. Lederhosen

Austrians are known for their dedicated and hard-working deeds. For hard physical work, it is necessary to wear a comfortable outfit. Comfortable uniforms are also an important aspect of Austrian clothing for men. The working men had their traditional outfit, Lederhosen. The outfit included short knee-length leather breeches. These were commonly worn by men during outdoor activities. It was not as fancy as the Austrian loden jacket but had usual suspenders with the drop-front lap. These were worn during the 1970s to 90s, later only during traditional occasions or fests. 

 Austrian culture has its imprint all over the world and is recognized with its tract. During various festivals and events internationally, Austrian men are represented in Lederhosen and women in Dirndl. Their sophisticated and conservative culture is recognized even today. ‌ ‌Culture and history have been carried on for years. These beautiful additions make their culture prominent, Austria has definitely made its mark through its clothing. 

The good news is that the various traditional attires are now available in several designs. You can wear these pieces as a style statement. Many online stores have been selling beautiful collections of  Austrian clothing. All you have to do is find a reliable online store and start adding the clothes to your cart. We are pretty sure that when people will look at you making a style statement, they would want these clothes too.


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