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Fashion That Lasts – White Denim Jacket

Fashion that lasts – White Denim jacket

In fashion history, there is one universal truth – we all love Denim. To understand denim is to explore the origins of this amazing fabric.  It’s said, that denim was created in “Nimes” France – the fabric weavers of Nimes attempted to make a durable cotton fabric called “Jeane” (named after Genoa in Italy). They dyed the warp threads indigo and then weft white threads through, resulting in a unique combination. This fabric was called “Serge De Nimes” and later came to be known as denim. Among the most versatile of fabrics, denim has been used for overalls, jackets, shirts, jeans as well as skirts. But, of all these different styles, none is more popular than blue denim jeans and jackets. Denim Jackets have come to be associated with durability, comfort, fashion and individuality. The range of denim use dates back to the California gold rush, Texas cattle drives, settling of the frontiers, to the flower-power years and up to the modern-day – the Denim jacket has stood the test of time and become a fashion icon. Interpreting the denim jacket for women takes a deep understanding of women’s fashion and how this ultimate icon can be styled with your outfit. Some of the newer popular styles like white denim jacket for women bring newfound confidence and ability to showcase your individual style. The white denim jacket is one garment that’s part of today’s lifestyle, requirement, and hectic schedules of the modern woman.

However, these are difficult times for a woman – the explosion of social media and “the perfection syndrome” has resulted in a race for everyone to look their best, 24×7, and showcase it. As a result, everyone is in a constant rat race to look their best and consistently outperform each other.  More often than not, everyone starts imitating the others and all you see are cloned fashions everywhere – it is a vicious circle. In an era where people are watching, judging, evaluating, sharing – choose to be yourself. Cease to care about what others may think and live your life by your values & standards. We’ve got your back – and get started by using the white denim jacket for women. This statement piece can you apart from the pack and own individual style. Start the day with enviable panache – wear your white denim through the day and rest assured there’s not going to be a fashion faux pas. Will you be outside or the day in your busy life? Knot the sleeves around your neck or waist for the carefree look. Wear it for that business lunch over a light summery dress or sheer blouse and watch heads turn. Shrug those pretty shoulders after you put it on over a v-neck for that dinner date. That’s the beauty of the white denim jacket – it symbolizes you and dovetails smoothly into your lifestyle – whether hectic or even- fast-paced. Rest assured, everyone is going to envy you!

Another element of the denim jacket is that it is very convenient, fashionable and can be slipped on & off in a moment. Also, it can be layered onto almost any outfit as it’s airy yet gives the charming aura, all thanks to its offbeat white color. When it can be worn on a casual date or at work, you know you have found a multi-purpose piece. It will sit lightly on you the whole day and mesh beautifully with a chic dress, professional attire, or just casual. It will go with the blend of your body shape, while keeping you cool and give the proper layering when required, adding just the right touch of class and appeal to your personal fashion statement.

If you find a style that fits you to a T, showcases your individuality and helps you stand out, why not? Your comfort, your pace, and schedule are your own prerogative – why should someone dictate how you live and what you wear? Ensure that you are fully up-to-date with trends and be the talk of the town! Step out in our white denim jacket and draw gazes of admiration & envy! This jacket is styled to sit gently on your body, complimenting whatever you are wearing. Pair it with jeans & a tee shirt for the casual look for a trip to the mall. Or you can choose to wear it with a miniskirt or a full skirt with strappy heels – ramp us the oomph factor and you are sure to hear a few wolf-whistles! If you are wearing it on a golf course, rest assured that more than a few will miss their strokes! The beauty of the denim jacket is that it is extremely versatile, blending seamlessly with the person’s individual style. It is classy and subtle, yet folksy.  The core idea is that of blending fashion, comfort, and durability. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, trends will come and go – but this is one garment that will stand the test of time. The more you wear it and use it, the more special it will become for you!

As a trend, women’s denim coats and jackets are here to stay. Not only are they highly fashionable but also very durable, and go beyond class. They are functional and lend their own grace to the person. They are crafted beautifully, are practically maintenance-free and most importantly, are not a passing fad. They will always be in fashion, thanks to Denim’s eternal appeal. Being extremely versatile, they can be paired and matched to form endless combinations and hence are a vital accessory that can be a valuable part of your wardrobe. Some women’s denim coats and jackets can add enormous diversity & depth to your personal style – think about that. It can prove economical and easy on your pocket too, in the long run! Get some today and ramp up your fashion quotient! Soak up those admiring gazes, compliments, and perhaps even be photographed! Make them part of your individual style and you will start a trend that will endure the test of time!

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