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Why Regular Dental Examination and Cleaning are Important?

Regular Dental Examination

Teeth are one of the most important parts of our mouth that help us chew the food for easy digestion which is also important for your health. So, taking care of your teeth is essential to keep them free from various types of diseases avoid teeth damage. And for that Regular Dental Examination and cleaning is important.

Usually, people don’t visit a dentist unless they face any problem. But if you regularly visit a dental clinic for checkups by the dentist you can avoid such diseases. Here you will get to know why a dental exam is important and how often to get teeth cleaned.

What is Regular Dental Examination?

Dental Examination is the process of checking cavities and gum disease in your mouth for the purpose of cleaning your teeth. A dental exam also includes evaluating the risk of developing various types of other oral problems with checking your face, mouth, and neck through X-rays and other diagnostic procedures.

Why Dental Exams Are Important?

Regular dental exams are important to protect your teeth from oral problems keeping you healthy and trouble-free. When you go for a dental exam, the dentist checks your mouth and if find indications of any disease, he/she will suggest the right treatment.

As per the American Dental Association, every adult should visit a dentist at regular intervals at least once every 2 years and up to 1 year if you are under 18. If you don’t have any problems, still it is important to visit a dentist for an examination to maintain your oral health and avoid critical dental problems that usually come with aging.

Why Dental Cleaning Is Important?

When you eat food, fibers are stuck in your teeth and billions of different types of bacteria that live reproduce in our mouths. However, most bacteria that live in our bodies do not cause too much trouble but few of them create dental plaque. And when they grow in numbers, can lead to gum disease and cavities which is a kind of hole in your teeth.

Hence, merely examination is not enough to keep your teeth healthy, you need to clean them regularly to remove the cavity. And when you go through dental cleaning, the dentist not only removes the cavity but also performs various other activities for oral care.

Dental cleaning procedure involves a physical examination of your mouth, removing of plaque and tartar, toothpaste deep cleaning teeth, expert flossing, oral prophylaxis with rinsing, and applying fluoride treatment if found any kind of malady.

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How Often Should You Get Teeth Cleaned By A Dentist?

Depending on your age and lifestyle you should visit a dentist for a cleaning. As a teenager, you don’t need to visit for cleaning but if you are an adult you should visit at least twice a year for deep cleaning which is also recommended by dentists.

Most of the private health insurance schemes cover a dental check-up and clean once every six months for their customers. And, if you chew tobacco products like betel and other types of mouth fresher on regular basis you must visit at least every year.

Your teeth will stay healthy and disease-free if you regularly visit for dental exams and cleaning of your mouth. You can visit dental services in Jamaica, NY, or at your nearest dentistry or dental clinic to avoid oral problems for a healthy life.

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