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Why Won’t My Lock Turn? Common Issues and How to Fix Them

Why Won’t My Lock Turn

Doors are designed to keep us and our belongings secure, which is why a broken lock can be cause for panic. Offering one solution to fix all issues isn’t possible because there are countless types of locks that all operate differently. With that in mind, we will discuss common lock issues and how to fix them.


Keys are married to one lock, and the mechanism has to align with them perfectly for there to be any movement. If one of the pins inside the lock is out of place, you’ll never get the lock to move with some magic hacks. In cases like this, the only option is to call a 24 hour Cardiff locksmith like Curley Locks.

Broken Key in the Lock

Keys are made of strong metal, but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. Keys have a habit of bending over time, especially when they’re used to open stiff locks. The persistent force wears them down until the key snaps inside the lock.

If you can see the broken part of the key, grab some tweezers and slip it out. However, in most cases, it’s going to be a job for an emergency locksmith based in Cardiff. They may have tools the retrieve the snapped key or they’ll simply replace the whole lock.

Locks are Frozen

When the air outside is wet and cold, locks are susceptible to freezing over, meaning they won’t budge. This is an issue that can be solved with a little de-icer designed for locks. However, you should note that the procedure is delicate and the lock may break anyway. To avoid having to replace the whole lock, give Curley Locks locksmiths a call.

The Door Won’t Close All the Way

If the lock appears to be working but the key won’t turn, take a look at the door. If the lock’s bolt doesn’t line up with the hole in the wall, you’ve found the issue. You’ll be happy to know that you don’t need to call a Cardiff locksmith straight away. You may be able to solve the issue by adjusting the hinges or replacing door seals.

The Locking Mechanism is Sticky

We turn locks every day, so there’s no wonder they break eventually. If you put the key in and you have to jiggle it around, there’s a good chance the lock needs replacing. Alternatively, if you’re using a key that’s been cut from an original, this could be the issue.

The Key Won’t Go into the Lock

If your key won’t go into the lock but nothing appears broken, check that you’re trying to insert the right key; many keys look alike and we’ve all done it. If you’re 100% sure it’s the right key, the lock could be jammed with dirt. Get yourself a can of compressed air (the can used to clean computers) and try to blow out the blockage.

Many lock issues can be fixed with a little DIY, but it’s always best to have your locks checked by a locksmith in Cardiff.


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