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Women Travelers, Either in a Group or Solo!

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Challenges you must be ready to face and the advantages you have  as a woman traveler!

Women Travelers, may it be in groups, solo or with families have increasingly become a topic of discussion lately. More women are venturing out of their comfort zones, looking for an escape from the monotony of regular life. Women have started taking up more Solo trips, or tours with only their female friends or even with kids as single moms which are all contrary to the olden times. It gives a sense of freedom and achievement to the women these days to make their decisions without being influenced by anyone, go on vacations and do things of their choice without being taunted for. Women face different challenges and things in their favor in different parts of the world. More common of such things in Asian countries and especially in India are a few that follow. Visit Family Tour Packages

Challenges faced by Women Travelers-

Safety and Security- This is an issue that tops the list of challenges faced by women as travelers. It’s not that men do not have to face any safety issues but women are more vulnerable. With more such cases of robbery and rapes around parts of countries especially against women is the maximum. No matter how well-equipped women are, being cautious, well trained with self-defense and things alike, they are still at risk of running into danger. However, better research about the place you are traveling to, place of stay, befriending a locally reliable person and keeping in mind the safety cautions for traveling around that particular region must be of some help.

Communal Barriers- Women are welcomed to travel without a male companionship in certain parts of the world, like Saudi Arabia. This is due to their communal sentiments and traditions being followed from years. Women are expected to follow certain rules while dressing up in certain regions. In parts of Middle Eastern countries, there are places where people of every woman is expected to cover her head or wear a hijab, not display certain parts of her body outrightly. Now when women are on vacation and want to chill around by doing things they wish and dressing up the way they like, these are barriers that hold them behind from visiting such places on a vacation.

Vulnerable to Labeling –  Women or a woman traveling are highly vulnerable to being Labelled. Even though you earn your living, have responsibilities of a family, the first thing assumed about a group of ladies on a vacation is that “they are on a kitty party”, “they are looking to escape the responsibilities of life”. A woman is felt pity for traveling all by herself or labeled a brat who chose to travel with her parents or partner’s savings instead of securing a life. Men in certain parts of the world assume you are an easy catch since you are all by yourself. Some idealize you, admire you, think of you as a superwoman or a wonder woman for choosing such a life. Having said this, it doesn’t mean only ladies are the ones being labeled, but they are more prone to it as compared to the opposite gender.

Hygiene Factors-  In the Asian and African countries, hygiene remains a major factor especially for lady travelers. You will not come across public toilets for distances during your journey or even if you come across a couple of them, not sure if they would be useable. If you are on your periods and traveling using the public toilets or even finding a decent one can become a major hassle. Avoiding long journeys on heavy flow days, using a long-lasting period apparatus- menstrual cups, tampons or pads, disposing or sterilizing them in the right manner must help to a major extent. The only way for the woman travelers to tackle the hygiene issues while is by carrying hygiene washes, wipes and following certain practices of hygiene while traveling.

Unnecessary attention- Whether you are a single lady or a group of women, you are sure to draw attention while on your on a regular day so what makes you think you can travel without drawing any sort of attention at all. If you are in a public place doing things you like, just sitting in a cafe reading a book, sun-basking on a beach or anything for that matter women will draw attention and sometimes it can get troublesome. Unnecessary attention will lead to unwanted circumstances, uncomfortable encounters which won’t even allow you to peacefully relax.

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Advantages as Women Travelers-

Women Travelers
Young woman traveling backpacker with hat, Asian traveler standing on Pagoda and looking Beautiful ancient temples, landmark and popular for tourist attractions in Bagan, Myanmar. Asia Travel concept

Women may face many more challenges as compared to their counterparts, yet there are no fewer advantages of traveling alone or even with other ladies as a group.

Specific Interest- If you are traveling with your circle of friends who are women alone or even all by yourself, you have a choice of decision. There are no other family members like your kids or husband who shall influence the decision to be taken such as places to visit things to do. Since you are by yourself or with your group of buddies with similar interests you will get to enjoy the vacation the way you would like it. Most of the women for examples like shopping and this is hampered when they are accompanied by a family but in a group of ladies, they can enjoy shopping as much.

Confidence Boost- Especially if you are a first-timer, traveling solo or even with a group, you will realize you can take your decisions. You learn to choose for yourself, take a stand, interact better and even love yourself. All these will lead to an increase in your level of confidence. Tackling things by yourself, handling issues that are unexpected without a man’s support which you are used to will only help you learn things better. You will get to have conversations of your kind while in a group of women, have all the fun your way making you bold and confident.

People are nicer- There are many places around the world which are very much women friendly as well. If you are a group of ladies or single mothers with kids or a solo female traveling, people are more than happy to assist or guide you through everything you need. All the extra attention, perks and sweetness can be an add on even if it gets annoying at times. This is purely an advantage over traveling with a male companion. People are nice to you because you are a woman traveling by yourself and they seem obligated to assist you or they look up to your independence and freedom of life’s decisions. Either way, you are in advantage and make use of it wisely without getting into any trouble at least knowingly.

Financial Freedom- You manage all your expenses while on your women-only or one-woman trip, without having to think about another person or a family traveling along. Spend it or overspend it on the things you like. You know what to do, what gives you happiness, use your skills, your lady charm, show off your bargaining tactics and get the best value out of services and items you buy. Spending the money you have earned on the things you want gives you the right kind of pleasure and joy.

Strengthen the relationships- This is a key part of traveling with your female friends alone, it strengthens the relationship not just with your travel partner but also with those whom you have behind. You people have been friends for years now? All you have done it work together, go to school together or chill at pubs or parties together? This is the opportunity to blend the best, do things you as a group of friends love to do. This will let you all open up, understand one another thus creating the bond even stronger. This isn’t the only benefit of it, those you have left behind to take up this trip will understand the value of your absence in their lives and vice-versa. Personal space is an important part of any relationship. You will get to explore what you are as a person without them, but only to make the bonds rigid. Visit Hill Station Tour Packages


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