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10 Positive Parenting Tips, Skills And Techniques


Are you using positive parenting techniques to nurture your kid to secure them from the perils of the digital world? Have you ever used a security guardian app to keep your child safe from the pitfalls of tech life?

If you are dicey of the above questions, then this article will definitely help you. So without further ado, let’s begin with parenting tips to safeguard their interests and stimulate a positive approach in their deeds.

What Is Positive Parenting?

Positive parenting is developing a deep and strongly committed parent-child relationship based on interaction and recognition. It focuses on teaching not only what but why too. 

3 significant components to positive parenting are:

  • Active listening to understand a child’s concerns, thoughts, and pressing issues.
  • Help children build self-discipline rather than obeying orders.
  • Discuss rules and significance before placing it.

Why Is There A Need Of Positive Parenting?

In this tech-centric world, children are the easiest juggins for criminals and crook that hover around them. The ratio of child abduction, child molester, cyberbullying is increasing at a skyrocketing speed and thus its parent’s responsibility to take due care of kid’s safety.

Positive Parenting Tips, Skills, and Techniques   

 1. Spend individual time with children:

The most useful parenting tip is to spare one-on-one time for kids individually every day. They seek attention, love, and compassion. Spending time provides them warmth and emotional connection they need.

When a child is deprived of positive heed, they may influence the negative ways and end up ruining their lives.

So it’s important that you spend at least a few minutes and listen to their sayings.

2. Set standard rules:

Rules do not mean punishment; rather they are set to benefit everyone. Let us illustrate it with a real example:

Does your kid spend excessive hours on the phone? Do they view appropriate content online? Are they safe on digital platforms?

If you are concerned with all these questions, then you must define rules to curtail prolonged hours of accessing the internet, block inappropriate and objectionable apps, and much more. Parental control application comes in rescue here.

Child monitoring application helps a child to adopt digital detox with many more benefits.

 3. Help children learn from mistakes:

Learning always follows ‘why?’ Kids must understand the consequences of their acts and deeds.

Before placing any limitations or restrictions for some actions, it is important to make children understand the reason behind it. If they are aware of their activities, they can learn from their mistakes and improve them.

Say, for instance, if you are disapproving the request of your kid to play games for a few more minutes, provide a logical motive and explain to them it’s one of the kid’s safety measures to secure them from practicing bad habits.

4. Communicate expectations:

Yelling, groaning, screaming are not signs of positive parenting. To avoid unnecessary child’s tantrums and their whining, be firm to your expectations.

Being a parent, you expect a certain kind of behavior and actions from your kid. So it’s better to interact with them and share your expectations.

It’s tough for teens to read in between the lines and decode it, you need to make clear instructions and make sure they understand it. You can also provide them dos and don’ts criteria in a subtle way.

5. Keep your words:

This is one of the most important parenting tips. Don’t forget that many a time, children outsmart parents and have good memories. They will easily imbibe your inconsistency and habit of not keeping your words. They use this trick to circumvent any situation. 

Promises are meant to be kept. If your child does a good deed and your promises to reward them, then make sure you do it.

If you do not keep your words, your child will learn such things and carry it for a lifetime.

6. Encourage kids to be a troubleshooter:

When parents yell at children for a mistake and dole out punishments, this makes things even worse.

Let kids learn from their mistakes, and it is okay if they spoil some resources like a few bucks. You should encourage them to find a solution and tackle on their own, which in turn helps them to solve conflicts in the future.

If kids are stuck and ask for your help, then appreciate their efforts and provide your assistance. Encouraging kids to solve their problems keeps them motivated, and they start good practice.

7. Do not tolerate misbehavior:

Teach ethical habits to children. Also, let them know the repercussions behind any misconduct they do at home or in public.

If your child uses the phone despite 2-3 warnings at a family party and not responding guests, it is not a good sign. They should behave wisely and as per the expected standard. 

Amid misbehavior, stay calm, and instruct your child firmly that it won’t be acceptable at any cost.

8. Talk with a child at their level:

While talking to your child, make sure they are able to take your words. Get eye to eye contact and kneel down to listen to them. It shows love, compassion, and respect towards them.

9. Keep things positive:

The way you respond and act affects children. If you act negatively, they will quickly adopt this attitude. So be positive and focus on your actions.

Keep a watch on a child’s activities and ensure they do not get indulge in negative actions.

10. Teach emotions to kids:

It is never too late to educate your children to express their emotions. They should comprehend their surroundings and able to deal with circumstances tactfully.

Educate children about emotions and how to deal with it, when to express and when to conserve it. Let them learn the tactics of self-control.

So with these parenting tips, ensure your kid’s safety. To protect them from the risks of the digital world, use the parental control app.

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