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7 Super Helpful Cold Weather Clothing Hacks

Cold Weather Clothing

For those who love foggy air and chilly winds giving them goosebumps, it is time to enjoy a nice bonfire in their backyard. Now is the time to flaunt your jackets, trench coats, furs, and other Clothing. Even in the coldest days, you can pull off great outfits if you have a knack for styling!

Winter gives you the freedom to experiment! You can wear plenty of pieces together or wear one as a statement piece and accessorize it with furs or scarves. That’s what we love about dressing up in winters. I bought some Khaadi ready to wear tops and paired them with jeans. Or I wear a cardigan or jacket to compliment the whole look.

Check out the following handy hacks to pull off your winter outfits stylishly while staying warm.

7 Hacks to Stay On Top of Your Dressing Game in winter

  • Become a Layering Guru.
  • Belt Your Old Jackets and Coats.
  • Prefer Mittens over Gloves.
  • Keep your Legs and Feet Warm.
  • Unshrink your Sweaters.
  • Hang Your Leather Clothing Pieces.
  • DIY a Beanie from an Old Jacket.

Become a Layering Guru

Winter is all about layering. Not only it allows us to style up better but it also keeps us warm and cozy in those freezing days. Don’t hesitate to experiment with this immensely practical trend. You can make use of the old pieces in your wardrobe and pair them with your new ones. For instance, wear an old turtleneck and a new jacket. Keeps you warm and trendy!

Stimulate your aesthetics and creativity to come up with some unique and amazing combos!

Belt Your Old Jackets and Coats

No one wants to throw away their expensive coats and jackets no matter how old they are. We always believe in a great dry-clean to make them look anew. But you can do more than that to give a new life to them. Invest in some great belts and belt up your jackets and coats for a brand new look and feel!

This hack goes from your double-breasted coats, trench coats, short and long jackets, and coats. Even if you have many options, you do feel bored wearing them the same way over and over again. Fashionistas are using statement belts on coats and puffer jackets to cinch up their waists. A useful trend to follow!

Prefer Mittens over Gloves

Winter accessories are a must! If you are not into earmuffs and all furry caps, you still need to keep your hands warm. That’s essential!

Mittens are better than regular gloves because they are warmer and trendier. Go for your favorite colors and patterns. Many clothing brands have a huge collection of mittens for you to choose from!

Keep Your Legs and Feet Warm

Layering is king! Consider wearing tights or leggings under the pants to keep your legs warm. To keep your feet warm, people usually wear warm and fur-lined socks. You can try another effective hack.\ though. Line your shoes with wool and say goodbye to freezing feet!

Unshrink Your Sweaters

I have accidentally shrunk my sweaters a couple of times. I’m sure it has happened to you too. I tried this easy hack to unshrink them. In lukewarm water, mix baby shampoo and soak you affected sweater in it for ten minutes or so. After that, spread your sweater on a flat surface until it is dried out completely. The fibers will be relaxed and your sweater will be as good as new.

Hang Your Leather Clothing Pieces

Leather jackets and pants are winter staples. Not only they are trendy and stylish, but also they are very comfy. To avoid creases, hang them instead of folding them. You can use pant hangers. Make use of business cards to protect your leather jackets from clamp indents of hangers.

DIY Beanie from an Old Jacket

Are you into DIY? Even if you are not, this is an easy one and you can do it. Craft some cute beanies from the piles of old jackets and sweaters, which you want to discard. You can pull them off with different outfits. You can even glue all the ends without any sewing. This will save your old clothes as well as some good money. I made some great ones to match with my outfits. While browsing pret designs for my clothes, I found exactly the same beanies as I made myself!


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