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10 Reasons Yoga is Better Than the Gym


If you are a fitness freak, you want to compare between gym and Yoga. Undoubtedly, both of them have their benefits and drawbacks but the main matter is which one of them makes you feel healthy. Now, here the terminology of feeling healthy is not constricted just to the physical health, the definition is beyond that. In terms of mental and emotional health, Yoga helps a lot in establishing a strong base for emotional balance. The gym is undoubtedly great for physical health but wait for a minute and think twice, does physical health is all you care about? What if you have good biceps yet feel anxious all the time? There is no question to the fact that Yoga helps us to strive for a healthy life physically, mentally and spiritually. Though just reading about them would just draw an outline of the idea, so before you jump into any conclusion, make sure you at least try Yoga in Rishikesh. – The yoga capital itself.

The spiritually enhanced place encourages young and talented yogis and yoginis to flourish there believes in authentic Yoga culture. It has many amazing Yoga schools that provide proper Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. The courses are focused on teachings the classical beliefs and traditional methods of Yoga Science. The reason behind the incredibly increasing popularity of Yoga is its positive aspect and holistic way of healing. It not only prevents the diseases to enter your body but also makes sure to throw away all the toxins from your body. Be a part of Yoga Teacher Training in India to learn about the unadulterated ideologies and philosophy of Yoga Science. There are many more reasons that prove that Gym is just a physical activity that grants you fitness but Yoga is an impactful process that leads to the complete nourishment of body, mind, and soul. 

Yoga or Gym?: Check out the list of Comparison

Here are the common factors that might help to draw a clear picture of comparison. Have a look!

Yoga enhances your body, mind, and spirit

Yoga helps to establish the tone of the body. It also pervades the positive energy in your body. On the other hand, the gym is just focused on increasing physical strength. 

Yoga enriches you internally and externally

All these physical parts of Yoga such as twisting, stretching and folding eventually are beneficial for the digestive and circulatory system. It also improves the functioning of cardiovascular muscles. The gym is just focused on improving the strength of our body and not functioning of its parts. 

Yoga increases your acceptance power 

Yoga makes you believe in yourself, your flaws and your strengths. Yoga is not just about self-improvement but it eventually is self-acceptance. The horizon of your acceptance incredibly increases. On the other hand, gym classes are just like boot camp classes, which give you the feeling of failure.

Yoga develops the habit of self-care

Many of the Yoga studios do not have mirrors, and so it makes sure that you do not have to be super conscious about making any move though the gym is just opposite and so it makes you conscious and worries more. 

Yoga helps you to become lean 

As soon as you stretch your muscles, your body will become lean with the passing of time; the harsh gym workouts make you look bulky and heavy. 

You can perform Yoga anywhere 

Yoga does not have any time or place confinement. You can practice yoga anywhere, anytime though the gym requires space and several types of equipment. 

Yoga enhances your breathing capability 

With the help of practicing Yoga, you can learn about various breathing techniques. Not just the shallow breathing but you do learn about the deep breathing capacity which is beneficial for your health.

Yoga reduces stress

Many of the Yoga classes mainly focus on practicing different asanas and meditation as they undoubtedly reduce your stress level and calm you down. 

Yoga intensifies the Concentration level 

Yoga gives you space to think and then to act because it creates a calming aura all around. On the other hand, the gym does not let your concentration due to the presence of many distractions such as loud music. 

Yoga makes you more efficient 

Yoga makes you efficient as it works on strengthening your body mind and soul. Though the gym only focuses on the individual growth of your body parts like muscles or thighs. Yoga believes in the overall development of your personality. 

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