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Genetic Risk Factor for Erectile Dysfunction Ident

Erectile Dysfunction Ident

It has been observed that one-third of the males complaining the erectile issue may be having a genetic component to the problem. The males with a history of diabetics, heart issues and other such medical problems in the family are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction in life than the males without such background.

The erectile dysfunction is associated with the age, and age-related issues. However, if the health of the male permits, he can take drugs such as Viagra 150mg to overcome the erectile issue. The drug is for anyone who is facing erectile dysfunction at any age. It gives the same benefits and duration to the males without any difference based on age and health profile.

Genetic Risk For The Erectile Dysfunction

It has been confirmed in a study that older people with erectile dysfunction tend to have more weight, diabetics, are smokers and have genetics which makes them vulnerable to erectile dysfunction.  The researchers also found that the DNA sequence of some males with erectile dysfunction tends to vary at the position in the genome near the SIMI gene. In other words, we can say that there are some factors that control the way erectile dysfunction will progress in a male.

It was suspected for a long time that genetics plays a part in erectile dysfunction in males, but now the scientists have identified a specific genomic location that is linked with the disorder. The researchers are looking for other variants of the gene that cause erectile dysfunction in some males. This will help the companies and researchers to come up with new therapies for better treatment of ED.

The problems which cause the birth of erectile dysfunction range from medical issues to psychological ones. There are men who are more prone to diabetics, cardiovascular disease and other genetic conditions such as mental issues. All these males are likely to increase their chances of erectile dysfunction than other males who have no such issues.

There is no better therapy than taking care of one’s health and lifestyle. Keeping weight in check, healthy eating, maintain the balance life and giving time and care to the partner are likely to decrease the chances of erectile dysfunction. The perfect treatment for the erectile dysfunction is dealing with the causes that cause erectile dysfunction. However, any treatment takes time, and some males prefer a fast solution. The fast solution comes in the form of 5mg of Cialis that ensure that a user can get an erection anytime the need arises in the next 36 hours. Cialis 5mg is also preferred by the males who like to remain in the spontaneous mood for sex, as it gives them an erection any time they need.

Alternative Treatment To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

It has been noticed that every male with erectile dysfunction does not get the same result from the drugs used for an erection. The alternative treatment methods are nonmedical methods to get back the erectile ability. These methods include the use of herbs, acupressure, and acupuncture and lifestyle changes. All of these methods take some time but reverse the erectile issue.  To get the best result from the alternative treatment methods, the male has to change the lifestyle from an unhealthy way to a healthy way.

The combination of alternative methods with the use of Levitra 40mg, the higher dose of the powerful drug, is also an effective treatment. It ensures that short -term need of the erection is also met. The Levitra remains unaffected with the heavy meal and moderate amount of alcohol and smoking. It has been mentioned by some experts that males with diabetics can use Levitra. The 4-5 hours of the impact of this drug is enough to enjoy the intimate session with the partner. The best thing about the use of any erectile dysfunction drug is that one does not need any gap. Just one hour before the intended session is enough to give a hard erection. However, there are some precautions; a man has to take to avoid creating medical complications. The foremost of these precautions is avoiding mixing any other drug with the erectile dysfunction drug. A patient who is on the medication for any medical problem has to avoid taking the Levitra with the medicines. There are many drugs that must not be used with any erectile dysfunction drug.


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