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Smart Ways to Select the Best Bag Factory for Your Business


Imagine finding loose stitches in 300 out of the 500 custom bags and backpacks on your third order from the supplier. The problem is not the defect, but how the supplier handles the issue. Will he offer you a replacement or end the contract? While there are many renowned wholesale bags sellers, you might happen to meet a few fraudulent suppliers who will reject their responsibility altogether. They might even find reasons to blame everything on you.

So the question arises. How do you tackle all of this? Check out these smart hacks to select the best bag factory for your next promotional giveaway.

Choosing the right bag factory for your business

When selecting a supplier for your custom bags and backpacks, a five-point checklist is not sufficient enough. Choosing the right supplier relating to your business is a daunting task. One mistake and you may happen to lose thousands of dollars.

1. Set-up a specific timeline to choose from. Don’t rush into things

Rushing into finalizing the suppliers will only lead you to scams and traps. Keep a definite schedule and dedicate an hour or two to review each supplier before selecting one. The most effective method is to create a shortlist of suppliers and put the timeline on. You can also create a deadline to monitor and assess their service, reliability, and responsiveness.

2. Prepare a budget that meets your business requirements

The second most important thing on the checklist for finding the right supplier is preparing a budget. How much do you wish to spend on sourcing custom bags and backpacks? If you dive in blindly with a large chunk of cash, your budget will decrease faster than you can count.

3. Getting the right price for the right product is the key

For most of the buyers, rates or prices of the custom bags and backpacks are the priority. Unless the bags are price-friendly, how can you earn profits from them? Ask about different price rates the bag factory is willing to offer you if you plan to place a bulk order or order consecutively from them.

4. Choose a supplier with a wide range of bags and backpacks

Backpack suppliers are available all around the world. However, if you are searching for a factory that deals with multiple designs and colors, you need a supplier that is renowned enough to get the job done conveniently. Imagine you are handing out a large number of backpacks to students in an exhibition. Will the supplier be ready to cover your future orders too?

5. Choose the perfect bag factory with personalization and logo

One of the benefits of ordering from online backpack suppliers is that you can get your order items customized too. Choose a personalized logo and ask the manufacturer to customize it. Don’t forget to choose a supplier who knows labeling, printing, and customization options for you to choose from.

6. Decide on the type of backpack you want

Have you finalized the type of backpack you want? From bags to backpacks, be it casual or formal, there are different varieties you can choose from. Next is to select the fabric of the handbag. Ask your supplier about a list or a catalog of all the types of backpacks they manufacture.

7. Delivery options for the supplier

Shipping is important because you need to know the accurate time for producing each other. Request an answer from the supplier to the amount of time they will take to ship the products directly to you. Some wholesalers even offer drop shipping, which you can connect directly to your e-commerce store.

8. Responsiveness and accessibility of bag supplier

It is vital to select a bag supplier that you can provide you with effortless communication in your preferred language. They must be easily accessible and responsible for direct communication skills. Compare your working hours and time zones to stop future friction.

9. Ask about quality control measures from the bag supplier

Before finalizing the right supplier, ask about the quality control measures they take. Before diving into the order, it is best to audit the process of security and safety. Ensure that your bag supplier meets the quality and safety standards.

10. Shortlist different custom bags and backpacks factories around the world

Before finalizing your required backpack supplier, shortlist a handful of suppliers from different parts of the world. Depending on your budget, location, specifications, and demands, choose the most accurate supplier.


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