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Bringing Nature In: Why Many Businesses are Embracing Biophilic Designs

Bringing Nature In Why Many Businesses are Embracing Biophilic Designs

Did you know the average adult spends about 90% of their time indoors? We split that time between work and home, and this is not good. Knowing that humans have an innate attraction to nature, it is somewhat concerning that we are intentionally robbing ourselves of opportunities to be in touch with Biophilic Designs.

Biophilic office designs are changing this by bringing the indoors inside to help us reconnect with nature. These designs combine this with workplace layouts meant to improve our well-being and productivity. Here’s a look at some of the benefits.

Plants Can Lower Stress Levels

Extensive research has shown that nature is good for us. Some published papers looked into forest bathing, the practice of being calm and relaxed while surrounded by nature. The result of this exercise is reduced stress among participants. These benefits extend to people working in spaces that embrace a biophilic office design.

Plants calm us down, lower blood pressure, and lower stress levels. An environment that contains them can help employees handle busy and challenging periods better, overcome challenges, and deal with unexpected events better.

Green Walls Reduce Noise Levels

Any sufficiently busy office is a noisy one. Plant walls are not only decorative and a means to bring nature in but are also great for reducing noise levels. They are a sustainable option that absorbs and masks office sounds to create a better working environment.

Noise pollution is a well-documented cause of stress and anxiety, so incorporating living walls into an office’s design is an excellent solution to the problem. You can purchase plant and green walls of different sizes when creating a biophilic office design from platforms like Ninfastudio.com and benefit your team and the planet simultaneously.

Biophilic Designs Can Improve Cognitive Performance

A biophilic design can improve creativity, concentration, and other cognitive abilities. Such a setting helps team members and employees concentrate and focus better, while also helping them be more relaxed at work.

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology titled “The Relative Benefits of Green Versus Lean Office Space: Three Field Experiments” revealed that enriching offices with plants increased productivity by 15%. This means you can use biophilic designs alongside other methods to benefit your business if you are seeing a slump in productivity.

Plants Improve Air Quality in Offices

Severely crowded offices often have higher carbon dioxide levels than those with fewer occupants. In such settings, it is common for employees to report headaches regularly. If you already have an AC system installed, it might not be doing enough if you are experiencing this.

Plants absorb carbon dioxide for use in photosynthesis, thereby improving the quality of air in office settings. One plant is not enough, though, and businesses must make a concerted effort to add as many as possible.Modern offices do not have to be concrete and glass jungles. Businesses can incorporate biophilic designs that bring nature in and get the benefits discussed above. It is a good idea to ensure the added plants or garden walls align well with the rest of the office’s design for a harmonious look and feel.


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