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Is Ashwagandha safe and effective for erectile dysfunction?

Ashwagandha health benefits

In recent times, many males have been struggling with the symptoms of erectile failures frequently that impact their sexual performance drastically. This sexual ailment has already become much more pronounced especially in the millennial due to the enhanced level of stress as life is getting much tougher and relationships becoming meager as well. You may try Ashwagandha for the betterment for erectile dysfunction

Many males today are being UN left with no options but to consume the ED relieving pills like Viagra by reaching out for help from the therapists. So if you are someone who is already facing issues of sexual dysfunction , then before resorting for assistance, you are try out the natural remedy which has already demonstrated wonders in the enhancement of the sexual life of males. 

What is Ashwaghandha?

This natural remedy is Ashwaghandha which is extremely popular and well known for improving the sexual life of males since the immemorial ancient times of Kama Sutra.  This natural remedy already has its mentioned in the ancient texts that provide information about sexual health.

Ashwagandha is an herb which immense medicinal characteristics. Medically it is considered as the Withania somnifera/ Indian ginseng. This herb has its origin in India, the Middle East and it is also found in some of the regions of the African continent as well.

How it helps in relieving ED?

Even in the modern scientific era of today, there is increased evidence which has suggested that Ashwaghandha is safe and powerful therapy for providing relief against the impotence. Being a eminent adaptogen, this plant plays a crucial role in strengthening out the adrenal glands and also carry out an improvement in the mechanism of fight and flight reactions. 

It is the adrenal glands that lead to the production of cortisol. It is this species of substance due to which our bodies experience stress during hard situations. Men are using Fildena or vidalista 60 to treat their ED problems. A research study conducted on a group of men suggested that when they are subjected to KSM- 66 Ashwagandha, continuously for the duration of two months, there was found to be a reduction in the cortisol level to the extent of around 27%.

The improvement was also experienced by the males personally as they experienced quite a significant level of reduction in their stress and anxiety when they consumed Ashwaghandha. This would eventually transform into the achievement of much better sexual life in the group of those men.

Benefits of Ashwagandha intake

Although Ashwaghandha may not benefit the patients suffering from ED directly, but it has been proved to be of great help against other factors which are causative agents of this sexual ailment.

Anxiety & stress relief

Research evidence has already illustrated that consumption of Ashwaghandha root extract may lead to the improvement in the resistance of males towards anxiety and stress.


It has been found that this herb also possess the sleep inducing capabilities and thus proved to be of extremely eminent for males who are already experiencing symptoms of insomnia or may have to struggle to attain an adequate & sound sleep.

Testosterone balancing

The impact of this medicinal herb has been studies on men belonging to the age group of 40 to 70 years who were suffering from obesity and it was found that there was an elevation in the level of testosterone upon its consumption.

Knee pain relief

Relief from knee pain is another benefit that has been reported. So males, who have already consumed Ashwaghandha found a significant reduction in their knee pain and also stiffness.

How to consume Ashwagandha?

Conventionally this herbal remedy for curing the ED is being available in the powder form. So it has been utilized by the patient in the powder form only by preparing the tonic which can be consumed. But in today’s time it has also been sold in the pill or tablet version which can be consumed orally with a glass of water. 

This herb can also be consumed with milk. The benefit of consuming the herb with milk during the night time is that it will be producing a calming impact on the nervous system through the reduction of stress and relieving from insomnia. However the most appropriate time to consume Ashwaghandha is dependent upon the individual’s responsiveness towards it and level of energy after its intake.

Certain individual may prefer to consume Ashwaghandha around one to three times in entire day. However, the dosage recommendations will be varying depending upon the individual’s condition as well as the nature of product.

Ashwaghandha adversaries

Although this medicinal herb is being considered to be safe, there are certain adversaries that have been reported in few of the cases. Few of the side effects of consuming this herb are:

  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Rashes in skin
  • Drowsiness
  • Few of the lesser known adversaries of Ashwaghandha intake include:
  • Mouth dryness
  • Giddiness
  • Stuffy nose
  • Cough
  • Reduction in appetite
  • Constipation

Precautions to be considered while consuming Ashwagandha

Communicate with your physician before consuming Ashwaghandha in case you are suffering from:

Diabetes as onsumption of this medicinal herb is known to reduce out the level of blood sugar.

The consumption of Ashwaghandha can also accelerate the production of thyroid resulting in the hyperthyroidism ailment

Avoid consuming this medicinal herb in case you are already consuming sedatives as it is itself at times utilizes as the sedative. 

Also the person should avoid taking Ashwaghandha if he is suffering from prostate cancer. This type of cancer is hormone sensitive and intake of this medicinal remedy may lead to the enhancement in the production of testosterone hormone.

Immune Support

According to Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health and many animal readings, ashwagandha is a potent immune system modulator. Try vidalista 40 or tadalista to treat your impotence. This means it promotes balance between an underactive immune system enhanced sensitivity to infection.

Memory & Cognitive Support

Ashwagandha has long been suggested in Ayurvedic medicine to help with memory, and new studies seem to maintain this popular use.

In one research, adults taking 300 mg of ashwagandha root twice daily explained notable improvements in both immediate and general memory, plus “executive capacity, attention, and information processing activity.”

May Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

When you’re in stress overload, your cortisol levels will rest unnaturally high, somewhat following the daily high-to-low pattern. Elevated cortisol involves elevated blood sugar, which then increases insulin – the fat-storage hormone.

Due to its positive impact on cortisol, ashwagandha seems to have a beneficial effect on blood sugar. Several human investigations have shown it to help keep healthy blood sugar levels.

Ashwagandha may reduce inflammation

Inflammation is related to stress in that it is a normal physical response. White blood cells develop when there is injury or illness. Sometimes there is no real threat, but inflammation remains. The white blood cells may start to fight toward healthy tissue. This is prolonged inflammation.

Like prolonged stress, it may lead to illness. Chronic inflammation may drive to heart disorders and stroke, among others. Several investigations look at how ashwagandha benefits inflammation. In all experiments, signs of inflammation decreased after taking ashwagandha. Another research also finds that ashwagandha works toward pain.

Ashwagandha may make your heart healthier

A research of 40 natural and healthy members looked at ashwagandha for heart health. To define, several different measurements were applied to look at cardiac health. The scientists recommend that ashwagandha profits velocity, power, and oxygen consumption. In other terms, it may be helpful for common cardiac weakness.

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