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10 ways to Reduce Paper Waste in Your Home or Your Office

Reduce paper waste
Reduce paper waste

A wise man well said, “Love & respect the trees until their leaves fall off, then hearten them to try again next year”. 

We can’t find anything more beautiful to describe how we should care for trees.

Many of us think we aren’t harming trees, because we don’t own an ax and we don’t cut them down. 

Yet, if you take a moment to look around your room or office, you’ll probably find plenty of paper. 

If you appreciate trees as much as we do, this article is for you. 

In this article, we’ll encourage you to take simple but vital steps to help reduce paper waste.

Why Reducing Paper Waste Is Important?

If you think that paper isn’t a burden to our environment, think again. 

We destroy 75,000 trees to print the weekly edition of the New York Times. Something that we can access online, saving a huge number of trees.

Sounds as dangerous as using plastic, doesn’t it?

While some people are unable to find clean drinkable water, we use 5 liters of water to produce just one A4 paper.

The shocking truth is that 14% of deforestation is caused by paper making.

Reduce Paper and Save Trees

We’re rational enough to tell you that we can’t stop using paper altogether. But some behaviors would help us decrease the amount of paper. 

Take Notes on Your Device

We never leave our gadgets behind, and they’re always with us. So why not take this as an advantage to save important notes on our cellphones. At least you know it’s less likely for you to lose it. 

There are lots of applications that are perfect for letting go of pens and paper. You can try Evernote, GoogleKeep, Microsoft OneNote, and others. 

Go for Online Bills

Another way to reduce paper waste is to ask to receive and pay for your bills online instead of using paper. So many companies now offer digital invoicing.

Go for Recycled Papers

Opting for recyclable paper is an excellent option too. Recycling means less energy is consumed and less paper thrown away. 

Recyclable paper is easy to find, so why not give it a try? You may not completely reduce paper waste, but swap to better versions. 

Look for Alternatives

There are alternatives to paper coming from trees. Try Hemp paper, bamboo paper, or agri-pulp ones. 

Buy a Large Board 

Invest in a large board for your office and ditch using papers for all the team members. Write all the important rules, notes, deadlines, or events on that board to be seen by all working in the office.


Take a look at your subscriptions. Unsubscribe from newsletters that you no longer read or can read online.

Don’t Use Paper Plates

Paper plates are a waste of money and cause lots of wastes, instead, use washable plates.

Use Both Sides

If you need to write or print anything, make sure to use both sides of the paper. You’ll be saving money and trees and everyone will be happy.


Try to see how much paper you use per month and challenge yourself to reduce that number.

Get a Reusable Bag

Wherever you go shopping always get your reusable bags. Instead of putting your groceries to many plastic or paper bags.

Take a Step

Caring for the Earth is our responsibility. We should all find delight in doing so because we don’t have planet B. You will find employees will be motivated to if you lead by example.

So try changing some small habits and behaviors. You’ll be surprised by their impact. 

Encourage your friends, family or colleagues at work to opt for our previous guides. Always monitor how much paper you saved by following these simple tips. 

Lastly, remember to be proud of every step you take to reduce paper waste and be sure that it’ll make a difference, no matter how small it is.


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